The Saskatoon Centre for Patient-Oriented Research (SCPOR) Members’ Executive includes representation from the three member organizations: University of Saskatchewan's College of Medicine, Saskatoon Health Region and Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. The Members’ Executive works with the Medical Director and Director of Operations to oversee implementation, development and evaluation of the SCPOR during the 3-year pilot initiative (May 2011 to May 2014). At the end of the third year, it is anticipated that a separate legal entity will be incorporated, subject to alternate considerations that may become apparent during the pilot phase.

Members' Executive:


Dr. Beth Horsburgh (Chair)
Associate Vice-President Research – Health (University of Saskatchewan)/
Vice-President Research & Innovation (Saskatoon Health Region Authority)

Dr. Colum Smith
Vice Dean, Research, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan

Dr. David Hill
Dean, College of Pharmacy & Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan

Mr. Ken Unger
Manager, Revenue Generation, Capital & Financial Statements, Saskatoon Health Region

TBA Representative
Saskatoon Health Region

Lynn Dwerynchuk
Provincial Leader, Clinical Research, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency


Scott Corley
Director of Operations, Saskatoon Centre for Patient Oriented Research

Dr. Tom Wilson
Medical Director, Saskatoon Centre for Patient-Oriented Research

Dr. Gordon McKay
Scientific Advisor, Saskatoon Centre for Patient-Oriented Research

Dr. Susan Blum
Director, Research Services, University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Diane Martz
Director, Research Ethics, University of Saskatchewan

Terry Summers
Director, Financial Reporting, Financial Services Division, University of