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Experiential learning programs that include a work placement are available in Engineering, Computer Science, Business and Geography.

Engineering Professional Internship Program (EPIP)

The Student Employment and Career Centre (SECC) coordinates the Engineering Professional Internship Program (EPIP) in partnership with the College of Engineering. Internships can start in January, May or September for 8, 12 or 16 months. 

*Please note that we are currently accepting job postings for September 2015 internship placements.

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January 2016 starts*
Job postings advertised Beginning Tuesday September 8, 2015
Application deadlines Beginning Wednesday October 7, 2015
Interview window Wednesday October 14 – Wednesday October 28, 2015
Rankings submitted to the SECC by 4:00 p.m. CST, Friday, October 30, 2015
Companies notified of acceptances Tuesday November 3 – Friday November 6, 2015
May & September 2016 starts
Job postings advertised Beginning Monday November 9, 2015
Application deadlines Beginning Friday January 8, 2016
Interview window Monday January 11 – Wednesday January 27, 2016
Rankings submitted to the SECC by 4:00 p.m. CST, Friday, January 29, 2016
Companies notified of acceptances Tuesday February 2 – Friday February 5, 2016
Open round (offers can be made at any time) February 8th - July 29th, 2016

*minimal number of students available


Term Length

Students are available for 8 (January, May or September start), 12 (January, May or September start), or 16 (May start only) month internships. We ask that employers offering 8 month internships consider offering extensions to these placements, however an extension is not a requirement.

Supervision & Reporting

As a requirement of each placement, the student must have access to a P.Eng supervisor (either through direct supervision or an on-site P.Eng mentor).


  • Discuss objectives, timelines and performance expectations with the student
  • Participate in dialogue with faculty members at the College of Engineering, who are monitoring the program to provide feedback and assistance to the student regarding their performance.
  • Fill in a Student Evaluation Assessment form provided by the College of Engineering at the end of the first four months and at the end of the student’s internship experience. These forms are completed, shared with the student and sent to the Dean’s Office, College of Engineering.

Making Job Offers

To hire an EPIP student, you must submit an offer and ranking form online through CareerLink.

The ranking form lists students to whom you would like to issue an offer, in order of preference. The Engineering Professional Internship Program will issue the offer to the first-ranked candidate on your behalf. If that candidate declines or is no longer available, an offer will be made to subsequent candidates until the position is filled or your ranking list has been exhausted.

It is important that you only rank candidates to whom you are prepared to make an offer.

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Student Eligibility

Students are eligible for EPIP once they have completed a minimum of 84 credit units toward their degree, which for most students is at the end of their 3rd year of study. The student must have maintained a minimum 65% average over their two most recent semesters. Interns are available from the following majors:

  • Chemical
  • Civil
  • Computer
  • Electrical
  • Engineering Physics
  • Environmental
  • Geological
  • Mechanical

Advertising EPIP Opportunities

All EPIP opportunities can be advertised through the SECC's job posting system. To post an opportunity, click the green button above.

Application Collection

Student applications for EPIP opportunities must be submitted directly to CareerLink. If a company requires that students also apply to their website, this can be done in the "Additional Instructions" section of the job posting form. 


On-campus interview rooms are available for $100 per day. EPIP employers get free access to interview scheduling assistance from the SECC when interviewing on campus.

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Start Date and Length

January, May or September Starts... what is the difference?

For most students, a May start date is preferred. The ideal situation is to have the student return to school in September, providing the least disruption to their studies. Therefore, a May 16 month internship can be the most advantageous in terms of academic suitability. Since the internship is taken as a part of the student’s academic program, we encourage students to take internships that will be the best fit for them.

This explains why fewer internship students are available in January. It requires that the student either take a shorter term (so that he/she returns in September) or returns half-way through the academic year. Since there are a variety of required courses that span over two terms, this can be disruptive to two consecutive academic terms and prolong the student’s degree program.

Internship Length
Although 4 month placements can be very valuable, internships are designed to be 12 or 16 months in length, in contrast to the 4 - 8 month co-op model. Students enrolled in an internship participate in only one work term throughout the course of their program, unlike the co-op terms where they seek a number of placements at set intervals in their program. At the University of Saskatchewan, we will allow 8 month terms, but we ask that employers consider an optional 4 month extension to that placement. Hiring an intern for a longer term (12 or 16 months) can be highly valuable to your organization. Training time and staff turn-over is reduced, allowing the students to truly immerse themselves in a project in your organization’s environment.


Kristen Woods
EPIP Coordinator
306.966.5227 Direct 

Computer Science Professional Internship Program (CSPIP)

The Computer Science Professional Internship Program (CSPIP) is your opportunity to access the best emerging Computer Science talent in Saskatchewan. Since its inception in 1996, CSPIP has built successful partnerships between faculty, students and industry. 

Employers interested in hiring a Computer Science internship student are encouraged to contact Brittany Melnyk, Computer Science Internship Coordinator, at (306) 966-6513 or by email brittany@cs.usask.ca.

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Edwards Co-operative Education Program

Interested in hiring a Business Co-op student? Edwards Career Services, within the Edwards School of Business coordinates the Edwards Co-operative Education Program.

Third year undergraduate business students representing six majors (Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Management, Marketing and Operations Management) are eligible to participate. Co-op students are available for two, four month back-to-back work terms starting in January of each year.

Employers interested in hiring a business co-op student are encouraged to contact Edwards Career Services.

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Edwards MBA Internship Program

The Edwards MBA Internship Program (EMIP), consists of two four-month back-to-back work terms starting in January of each year.    

Designed for first year MBA students with little or no work experience, an Internship through the Edwards MBA Internship Program will be a value-added component of the Edwards MBA Program. Work placements provide additional opportunities for learning and mentoring and are designed to provide new MBA students with much needed business experience while they apply their academic knowledge to the workplace.

Employers interested in hiring an Edwards MBA internship student are encouraged to contact Edwards Career Services at: coop@edwards.usask.ca, download the Employer Information Brochure, or post your position on CareerLink now.  For more information on this program, please visit: http://www.edwards.usask.ca/careers/mba-internship-program/.

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Geography Co-op Education Program

Co-op Education option is available to students in three programs:

  • Geography (both Human and Physical majors)
  • Land Use and Environmental Studies
  • Regional and Urban Development

For information on these programs, please contact:

Bert Weichel, Co-op Education Liaison
Geography Department
College of Arts and Science
Tel: (306) 966-8845
E-mail: bert.weichel@usask.ca