Beth Bilson, University Secretary

E70 Administration Building
105 Administration Place
Saskatoon SK S7N 5A2

    Lesley Leonhardt, Executive Assistant to the University Secretary

    Contact for Senate; all Senate committees; honorary degrees; elections; our office’s website (; flag protocol; assistant to University Secretary

      Sheena Tait-Rowan, Office Manager and Executive Assistant to the Board

      Contact for Board of Governors; Board governance and executive committee; Board secretaries committee; policy oversight committee; naming committee; inquiries related to our office’s administration (financial management, human resources, etc.); assistant to Chancellor Roy Romanow.

        Sandra Calver, Associate Secretary, Academic Governance

        Contact for Council; Council committees: planning and priorities, governance, coordinating, nominations; centres subcommittee; academic student appeals and academic misconduct; faculty tenure and promotion appeals

          Amanda Storey, Committee Coordinator

          Contact for Council committees: academic programs, international activities, research scholarly and artistic work, teaching and learning; student non-academic misconduct

            Barb Welland, Administrative Assistant, University Council

            Council nominations and elections; Council and Council committee websites; Council materials and attendance; SharePoint for Council committees; SharePoint for student hearing & appeals; assistant to Associate Secretary