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University Council

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Curricular changes

  • Academic and Curricular Change Portal
  • Deleting a program:  
    • Report form for Program Termination  Word  PDF
  • Adding a new program:
  • Adding, changing or replacing a program:
    • Proposal Form for Curricular Changes  Word PDF
    • New Course Proposal form  Word  PDF
    • Consultation with the Registrar form  Word  PDF
    • Library Requirements form  Word  PDF
    • ICT Requirements form  Word  PDF
    • Physical Resource Requirements form  Word  PDF
    • Budget Requirements form  Word  PDF
  • University Course Challenge Submit form  Word  PDF
  • Name Change form  Word  PDF
  • SESD: Course Creation form  Word  PDF
  • SESD: Interdisciplinary Use of Subject Codes form  PDF

Establishing centres

Establishing departments

Office of the University Secretary Forms

University Senate

Student Conduct and Appeal Forms