Human Resources Committee


A. Purpose

The Board is responsible for overseeing matters respecting the management and administration of the University’s human resources, to ensure that leading-edge people strategies, priorities, programs and practices are developed and implemented across the organization to maximize the effectiveness of the University’s human resources.  The Board also ensures that there are strategic plans in place to provide leadership and support for appropriate change initiatives and to build the capacity of people to align with and deliver on the outcomes defined in the University plan.   The Board is also responsible for ensuring compliance with all related statutes, regulations, guidelines and Agreements governing the human resources, environmental protection, intellectual property, and the health and safety of the University community.  The Board ensures all of the above is carried out in a fiscally responsible manner, balancing the goals of the organization with the needs and expectations of its people, while demonstrating leadership in complying with the regulatory environment.  The Board carries out these oversight responsibilities primarily through the Human Resources Committee.

The Human Resources Committee shall provide direction, monitor, evaluate, advise and make recommendations to the Board with respect to all strategic and significant people policies and priorities of the University.

B. Membership

Resource officers to the Committee include the Vice President (Finance and Resources), and the Associate Vice President (Human Resources) as secretary.  The Provost and Vice President (Academic), Vice Provost, Vice President (University Advancement) and Vice President (Research) are invited to attend all meetings of the Human Resources Committee.

The Human Resources Committee may invite such officers, directors, and employees of the University as it may see fit to attend meetings of the Human Resources Committee and assist in the discussion and consideration of matters before the Human Resources Committee.  

C. Accountabilities

The Human Resources Committee shall meet at least quarterly and shall be responsible to the Board for the following activities.

  1. Overseeing of human resources strategies, policies and priorities which ensure an integrated approach to maximizing the effectiveness and capacity of the University’s human resources and developing an annual work plan to fulfill its responsibilities. 
  2. Initiating substantive changes to strategies and policies and/or revisions to terms and conditions of employment including provisions for out-of-scope staff and in-scope staff through collective agreements and the alignment of such changes to the strategic and operational directions of the University.
  3. Overseeing long term total compensation and rewards strategies (including but not limited to compensation, pension and benefits) to support the University’s directions and to assess the long term effect on University budgets.  This includes discussion of financial mandates for bargaining tables, progress against goals during bargaining, and ratification of tentative collective agreements.
  4. Overseeing compliance with all related statutes, regulations, guidelines and agreements governing the human resources, environmental protection, intellectual property, and the health and safety of the University community.
  5. Providing annual and/or quarterly reports to the Board which include progress updates against unit plans, identification and progress against outcome measures (including but not limited to health and wellness measures and outcomes, workplace assessments, employee opinion surveys, and environmental audits), emerging labour, environmental and other workplace trends and issues, and program and policy responses.
  6. Receiving for information, as required by the University Act, the University’s decisions on appointments, tenure, continuing status, promotions, suspension or removal of employees.
  7. Such other matters as the Board may assign or the President’s office may refer.

D. Items for the Board

The Human Resources Committee will make recommendations for approval and/or report to the Board for information with respect to the following:

  1. Annual review of compensation for senior administration and exempt staff.
  2. Annual reports on promotion and tenure decisions and appeals and on sabbaticals.
  3. Annual Human Resources update.
  4. Quarterly Labour updates.
  5. Information or decisions on substantive changes to human resources.