Coordinating Committee Terms of Reference

Chair of Council, who shall be Chair
Vice-Chair of Council
Chairs of Council Committees

Resource Personnel and Administrative Support
University Secretariat

Coordinating Committee Members 2017-18

Term expires 
June 30 of:
Kevin Flynn Chair of Council 2019
Terry Wotherspoon Chair, Academic Programs 2018
Jay Wilson
Chair, Governance
Gordon Zello Chair, International Activities 2018
Jim Greer Chair, Nominations 2018
Dirk de Boer Chair, Planning & Priorities 2018
Paul Jones Chair, Research, Scholarly & Artistic Work 2018
Donna Goodridge Chair, Scholarshipos & Awards 2018
Alec Aitken Chair, Teaching, Learning and Academic Resources 2018
Chelsea Willness Vice-Chair of University Council 2019
Resource Personnel and Administrative Support

Beth Bilson

Sandra Calver

Barb Welland

University Secretary

Administrative Support

Recording Secretary

The Coordinating Committee is responsible for:

  1. Setting the agenda for Council meetings.
  2. Receiving and determining the disposition of written motions from individual members of Council.  The Coordinating Committee will either include the motion on the Council agenda for consideration or refer the matter to a standing committee(s), which will then report back on the matter to the Coordinating Committee and Council.
  3. Facilitating the flow of information between Council Committees and the Administration, and between Council Committees and the Senate.
  4. Coordinating the work of Council committees.
  5. Advising the Chair of Council on matters relating to the work of Council.