Planning and Priorities Committee

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

Eleven members of the General Academic Assembly, at least six of whom will be elected members of Council, normally one of whom will be chair.  At least one member from the General Academic Assembly with some expertise in financial analysis will be nominated.
One Dean appointed by the Council
One undergraduate student appointed by the U.S.S.U.
One graduate student appointed by the G.S.A.
One sessional lecturer

Ex Officio Members
The Provost & Vice-president Academic or designate
The Vice-president (Finance & Resources) or designate
The Vice-president (Research) or designate
The Vice-president (University Advancement) or designate (non-voting member)
The President (non-voting member)
The Chair of Council (non-voting member)

Resource Personnel (Non-voting members)
The Assistant Provost, Institutional Planning and Assessment
The Director of Budget, Planning and Strategy
The Director of Integrated Facilities Planning
The Associate Vice-president, Facilities Management Division
The Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice-president Information and Communications Technology
The Special Advisor to the President on Aboriginal Initiatives

Administrative Support
The Office of the University Secretary

The Planning and Priorities Committee of Council is responsible for:

  1. Conducting and reporting to Council on university-wide planning and review activities in consultation with the Provost and Vice-President (Academic).
  2. Evaluating College and Unit plans and reporting the conclusions of those evaluations to Council.
  3. Recommending to Council on academic priorities for the University .
  4. Recommending to Council on outreach and engagement priorities for the University.
  5. Seeking advice from other Council committees to facilitate university-wide academic planning.
  6. Recommending to Council on the establishment, disestablishment or amalgamation of any college, school, department or any unit responsible for the administration of an academic program, with the advice of the Academic Programs Committee.
  7. Balancing academic and fiscal concerns in forming its recommendations.
  8. Providing advice to the President on budgetary implications of the Operations Forecast and reporting to Council.
  9. Considering the main elements of the Operating Budget and the Capital Budget and reporting to Council.
  10. Advising the Academic Programs Committee on the fit with University priorities and the general budgetary appropriateness of proposals for new academic programs and program deletions.
  11. Integrating and recommending to Council on matters referred to it from other Council committees.
  12. Advising the President and senior executive on operating and capital budgetary matters, including infrastructure and space allocation issues, referred from time to time by the President, providing the advice is not inconsistent with the policies of Council. The Planning and Priorities Committee will report to Council on the general nature of the advice and, where practicable, obtain the guidance of Council. However, the Committee need not disclose to Council matters the disclosure of which would be inimical to the interests of the University.


 Membership 2016-17

Council Members
Dirk de Boer (chair)                 Geography and Planning                      2019
Peter Phillips                           Johnson-Shoyama Graduate                2019
                                                of Public Policy
Greg Wurzer                            University Library                               2017
Ralph Deters                           Computer Science                                2018
Veronika Makarova                  Linguistics and Religious Studies        2018
Ken Wilson                              Biology                                                 2018
Lisa Kalynchuk                        Medicine                                               2017
General Academic Assembly Members
Norman Sheehan                      Accounting                                          2019
Joel Bruneau                            Economics                                           2017
Karen Lawson                           Psychology                                          2018
Catherine Niu                           Chemical and Biological Engineering   2017
Susan Whiting                          Pharmacy and Nutrition                       2017
Peta Bonham-Smith                  Interim Dean, College of Arts              2017
                                                     and Science
Sessional Lecturer
Leslie Walter                            Mathematics and Statistics                   2017
Other members
Ernie Barber                            Interim Provost and Vice-President Academic (ex officio)
Kevin Schneider                       [VP Research representative] Strategic Projects Team, Special Advisor on ICT Research (ex officio)
Greg Fowler                            VP Finance and Resources (ex officio)
Deena Kapacila                       VP Operations and Finance [USSU designate]
TBA                                        [GSA designate]
Peter Stoicheff                        University President (ex officio)
Lisa Kalynchuk                        Chair, University Council      
Resource members
John Rigby                              Interim Associate Provost, Institutional Planning and Assessment
Jacquie Thomarat                    Director, Budget Strategy and Planning
Bryan Bilokreli                        Director, Capital Planning
Brad Steeves                          Interim Director, Facilities Management Division
Troy Harkot                            Director, Institutional Effectiveness
Shari Baraniuk                        Acting Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice-President ICT
TBD                                       President’s designate on Aboriginal Matters
Secretary: Sandra Calver, Office of the University Secretary

The President and the Chair of Council are also ex-officio non-voting members of all University Council committees.


Reports to University Council


May 2017

Request for Decision - Name Change of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences

Report for Information - Report on Input Received in Response to the Policy for Medical Faculty

April 2017

Request for Input - Policy for Medical Faculty

Report for Information - Report on the Work of the Enrolment Subcommittee

January 2017

Request for Decision - Respiratory Research Centre in the College of Medicine

November 2016

Report for Information - 2017-2018 Operations Forecast

October 2016

Request for Decision - Vision, Mission and Values of the University of Saskatchewan

Request for Decision - Centre for Research, Evaluation and Action Towards Equal Justice (CREATE Justice) in the College of Law

September 2016

Report for Information - Report on University Lands Capital Projects


June 2016

May 2016

April 2016

PPC April 2016 Request for Decision: Postponement of consideration of the Canadian Institute for Science and Innovation Policy (CISIP)

February 2016

December 2015

October 2015


Planning and Priorities Committee archived reports

Capital & Finance Subcommittee

Capital and Finance Subcommittee


Dirk de Boer, Chair
Lisa Kalynchuk
Susan Whiting
Joel Bruneau
Ralph Deters
Karen Lawson
Leslie Walter

Resource Members:

Jacquie Thomarat
John Rigby
Bryan Bilokreli
Shari Baraniuk
Colin Tennent
Colleen MacDonald*
Andrew Manovich
Tiffany Lepage*

*to attend as guests and a resource at the discretion of their reporting Director of AVP

Centres Subcommittee

Centres Subcommittee

Subcommittee Membership, July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016

Dirk de Boer, Department of Geography and Planning, Chair of the Planning and Priorities Committee
Ken Wilson, Biology, Planning and Priorities Committee representative
Catherine Niu, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Planning and Priorities Committee representative
Hector Caruncho, Pharmacy and Nutrition, Research, Scholarly and Artistic Work committee representative
John Gordon, Medicine, Research, Scholarly and Artistic Work committee representative
Jordan Robertson (student), Edwards School of Business, Academic Programs Committee representative
Karsten Liber, Vice-President Research - Toxicology Centre, representing centres
Bryan Bilokreli, Director, Director, Capital Planning, designate of the Provost
Piya Sen, Financial Services Division - FSD - Budget and Special Projects, designate of the Vice-President Finance and Resources
Laura Zink, Director, Special Projects, designate of the Vice-President Research
Troy Harkot, Institutional Planning and Assessment, Department of Information and Communications Technology
Sandra Calver, Associate Secretary, Academic Governance (committee secretary)

Terms of reference

(from Section 8, Policy on Centres, as approved by Council December 2003)

A standing Subcommittee on Centres will be created.
•    To facilitate the creation of new centres
•    To monitor adherence to the Policy
•    To develop and review the Policy and Guidelines
•    To oversee the disestablishment of centres
•    To maintain a list of active centres

Membership on this Subcommittee will be drawn from the Planning & Priorities and Research, Scholarly & Artistic Work Committees of Council, the Offices of the three Vice-Presidents and will be supported by the University Secretary’s Office.  The Subcommittee will report to Council through the Planning & Priorities Committee.