Scholarships and Awards Committee Terms of Reference

Nine members of the General Academic Assembly, at least three of whom will be elected members of Council, normally one of whom will be chair
The Vice-president Academic of the USSU
The Vice-president Finance of the GSA
An Aboriginal representative from the Aboriginal Students’ Centre or a College Undergraduate Affairs Office

Ex Officio
The Provost & Vice-president Academic or designate
The Dean of Graduate Studies and Research or designate
The Associate Vice-president, Student Affairs or designate
The Vice-president University Advancement or designate (non-voting member)
The President (non-voting member)
The Chair of Council (non-voting member)

Resource Personnel (non voting members)
The Director of Graduate Awards and Scholarships
The Director of Finance and Trusts, University Advancement
The Assistant Registrar and Manager, Awards and Financial Aid (Secretary)

Administrative Support
Office of Awards and Financial Aid, Student and Enrolment Services Division

Membership 2017-18

Term expires June 30 of
Council Members
Ali Honaramooz Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
Donna Goodridge (chair) Medicine
Tracie Risling Nursing

General Academic Assembly Members
Anh Dinh Electrical and Computer Engineering 2018
Carin Holroyd Political Studies
Alexandria Wilson Education

Kaori Tanaka

Physics and Engineering Physics


Louise Humbert



Michael MacGregor



Other members
Alison Pickrell [Provost designate] Director, Enrolment Services (ex-officio)


Graeme Joseph Team Leader, Aboriginal Students' Centre
Jessica Quan [USSU designate] VP Academic
Jordan Bonkowski [GSA designate] VP Academic

Trever Crowe

Debra Pozega-Osburn

Interim Dean, College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (ex officio)

Vice-President, University Relations (ex-officio, non-voting)

Resource Personnel

Jim Traves

Russell Isinger

Heather Lukey

Director of Finance and Trusts, University Relations

Registrar and Director of Student Services

Director of Graduate Awards and Scholarships

Wendy Klingenberg  Secretary

The President and the Chair of Council are also ex-officio non-voting members of all University Council committees.

The Scholarships and Awards Committee is responsible for:

  1. Recommending to Council on matters relating to the awards, scholarships and bursaries under the control of the University.
  2. Recommending to Council on the establishment of awards, scholarships and bursaries.
  3. Granting awards, scholarships, and bursaries which are open to students of more than one college or school.
  4. Recommending to Council rules and procedures to deal with appeals by students with respect to awards, scholarships and bursaries.