Testimonials and Future Careers

Jania Chilima, MES '11, currently completing her PhD at SENS.

SENS is multifaceted school that integrates diverse academic interests and scholarship. Our innovative, interdisciplinary students work with faculty from the natural, physical and social sciences, arts, humanities, education and business fields. As such, our alumni can be found in sectors and industries as varied as the school itself.

SENS alumni are currently employed with:

  • Municipal, provincial or federal governments
  • Private sector companies/firms
  • Not for profits
  • Non-government organizations (NGOs)
  • Community organizations (such as regional economic development organizations)
  • Consulting firms
  • Environmental management firms
Liam Mulhall, MSEM '13, business analyst, Stantec Consulting
“The one-year MSEM program was very appealing, as I wanted to return to the work force as soon as possible. Many comparable programs are very regionally-focused. I found that SENS offered learning that could be applied broadly and would not limit my mobility. I found faculty at SENS whose interests aligned directly with my own. Plus, I liked the idea of living in the beautiful city of Saskatoon.” 
Liam Mulhall, MSEM '13, business analyst, Stantec Consulting, Winnipeg, MB
Chelsea Dale, MES '12, DM Cultural Services
"Those of us who have chosen to study at the School of Environment and Sustainability and similar programs will have an advantage over others when it comes to securing employment in the field."
Chelsea Dale, MES '12, contractor, DM Cultural Services, Victoria, BC
Christine Markel, MSEM '10, senior policy analyst, Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment
"There is going to be a growing need for sustainability professionals in government, municipal planning, industry and business. The biggest challenge will be being ahead of the curve in certain sectors. I am now employed as a senior policy analyst with the Ministry of Environment. This is the exactly the type of career I had in mind when I began the MSEM program. It is so nice how things have worked out."
Christine Markel, MSEM '10, senior policy analyst, Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, Regina, SK
Julia Baird, PhD '12, postdoctoral fellow, Brock University

"This position has allowed me to apply my knowledge from my PhD work to new research questions and it continues to be very fulfilling and exciting work!"

Julia Baird, PhD '12, currently completing post-doctoral work at Brock University, St. Catherines, ON

Shannon Dyck, MES '12, environmental coordinator, City of Saskatoon
“Working alongside students and faculty in fields other than my own strengthened my work, taught me to understand sustainability in a more holistic way, and helped me find my way as an emerging environmental practitioner.” 
Shannon Dyck, MES '12, environmental coordinator, City of Saskatoon, Saskatoon, SK
Jesse Woodward, MSEM '11, markets director, West Kootenay EcoSociety
"I credit the MSEM program in providing an excellent base from which to build a meaningful career in the environmental management field. It provided me with the management skills I needed to succeed and a deeper understanding of sustainability as a whole."
Jesse Woodward, MSEM '11, markets director, West Kootenay EcoSociety, Nelson, BC
Graham Barber, MSEM '12, environmental professional, TECO Natural Resource Group
“Out of university I was offered a position with an environmental engineering company in Northeastern British Columbia. I want to specifically thank Dr. Charles Maule, for his land reclamation and remediation class as I’m using many of the theories that he taught. Our company specializes in oil and gas remediation and reclamation and I constantly refer to class notes. I want to thank SENS for providing such a strong foundation for my career and I recommend the MSEM program to everyone - I have greatly benefitted from it!”
Graham Barber, MSEM '12, environmental professional, TECO Natural Resource Group
Jean Kayira, PhD '13, faculty member, Antioch University
“I was attracted to SENS because of the interdisciplinary nature of the PhD program.  My main area of expertise is environmental education, but I wanted to gain a deeper understanding on how I can work with other disciplines. When I saw that the SENS PhD program was interdisciplinary, I thought it was a perfect fit.  I’m glad I chose SENS because not only did I experience interdisciplinarity in theories and methodological concerns, I was also exposed to a variety of unique environmental learning and research experiences.”
Jean Kayira, PhD '13, core faculty member, Environmental Studies, Antioch University New England, Keene, New Hampshire