Community-Engaged Scholarship

Chelsea Willness, SENS' Special Advisor on Community-Engaged Scholarship

SENS recognizes the importance of scholarship that goes beyond the academic setting of a university and engages the community. We provide our students with an environment that stimulates learning and discovery and allows for application of sustainability principles by seeking out partnerships with local organizations that could benefit from working with our students. Fostering these relationships leads to opportunities for students to provide a meaningful service to organizations with an identified need for information and research on sustainability and environmental issues.

Chelsea Willness, an assistant professor at the U of S Edwards School of Business and an associate with SENS, is our school’s Special Advisor on Community-Engaged Scholarship. She has facilitated many community-based service learning projects at the business school and lends her expertise and advice to the development and implementation of the MSEM service-learning project. Willness holds degrees in social psychology and industrial and organizational psychology, and her research focuses on how the environmental activities of businesses impact their reputations.

“It's very rewarding to strive toward building mutually beneficial partnerships with community organizations, to become more connected to our communities and to broaden our perspectives. We learn so much from the community partners, and it is such a great learning opportunity for students to see how the things we talk about in the classroom are put into practice outside the walls of the institution.” 
Chelsea Willness, Special Advisor on Community-Engaged Scholarship

The following organizations have partnered with SENS and have indicated interest in working with MSEM students on service-learning projects:

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Agriculture in the Classroom
CHEP Good Food Inc
Craik Sustainable Living Project
Environmental Careers Organization Canada
Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division
Habitat for Humanity
Meewasin Valley Authority
Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve
Saskatchewan Outdoor and Environmental Education Association
Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council
South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards
Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Is your organization interested in submitting sustainability-focused projects for our students to work on? Contact us at to inquire about opportunities for partnership.