Professional Skills Certificate

Success in the environmental labour market depends on many things. Technical know-how is important, but so are professional or transferable skills, such as communications, financial management and human resources management.

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To help students augment the skills gained in their academic programs, we offer a Professional Skills Certificate. This is a certificate of attendance – students only need to attend a series of workshops, held throughout the year, to complete the certificate. A variety of half-day sessions are held and students choose the ones that best meet their own professional development needs.

The workshops are facilitated by professionals working in the subject area and provide students with hands-on experience based on real-world examples.  Each module consists of between one or two half-day workshops, or “units.” Students must attend seven units to receive the certificate – these seven units must be made up of complete modules (i.e., students must attend all modules scheduled for a unit).


“It made me really think about my research in a different way -- how to explain it to people not familiar with the concepts, and how to convince people that my research matters!”

“I thought the workshop was going to be a lot of ‘common sense,’ but I learned a lot! It was really good.”

“Great energy from the instructors -- very engaging. It was really useful when we were asked to write examples of press releases/interviews about our own research -- really made me think hard about what’s important about what I’m doing, and I can now apply those to other avenues, like proposal writing.”

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