Jeffrey McDonnell

Professor, School of Environment and Sustainability
Associate Director, Global Institute for Water Security

(306) 966-8529


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Forest Hydrology, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Master of Science in Watershed Ecosystems, Trent University
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography, University of Toronto

Research Interests

Watershed hydrology; runoff processes and modelling; isotope hydrology; hydrological theory




Recent Grants/Awards

Recent Grants:

  • NSERC Discovery Grant, How do watersheds store and release water?, $89,000 per year, 2014-2019
  • NSERC Accelerator Award, How do watersheds store and release water?, $40,000 per year, 2014-2016

Recent Activities:

  • 2015-    President-Elect, AGU Hydrology Section
  • 2015     CONICYT Visiting Professor, Universidad Austral de Chile and Universidad Catolica de Chile
  • 2014     Visiting Professor, University of Arizona and Biosphere-2
  • 2014     Fellow, Geological Society of America
  • 2014-    Fellow, Royal Geographical Society (UK)
  • 2014      NSERC Joint Prizes Selection Committee (for the John C. Polanyi Award, the Brockhouse Canada Prize, and the Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal)

Recent Publications

  • Ali, G., C. Birkel, D. Tetzlaff, C. Soulsby, J.J. McDonnell and T. Paola. 2013. A comparison of wetness indices for the prediction of connected saturated areas under contrasting conditions. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, DOI: 10.1002/esp.3506.

  • Ali, G., Tetzlaff, D., Kruitbos, L., Soulsby, C., Carey, S., McDonnell, J., Buttle, J., Laudon, H., Seibert, J., McGuire, K., and Shanley, J., 2013. Analysis of hydrological seasonality across northern catchments using monthly precipitation–runoff polygon metrics. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 59 (1), 1–17.

  • Allen, S. T., Brooks, J. R., Keim, R. F., Bond, B. J. and McDonnell, J. J., 2013. The role of pre-event canopy storage in throughfall and stemflow by using isotopic tracers. Ecohydrology. doi: 10.1002/eco.1408

  • Carey, S., D. Tetzlaff, J. Buttle, H. Laudon, J.J. McDonnell, K. McGuire, J. Seibert, C. Soulsby and J. Shanley, 2013. Use of color maps and wavelet coherence to discern short and longer-term climate influences on streamflow variability in northern catchments. Water Resources Research, 49(10): 6194-6207, DOI: 10.1002/wrcr.20469

  • Gupta, H.V, G. Blöschl, J. J. McDonnell, H. H. G. Savenije, M. Sivapalan, A. Viglione and  T. Wagener, 2013. Synthesis of the Benchmark Report, in Blöschl et al. Runoff Prediction in Ungauged Basins: Synthesis Across Processes, Places and Scales. Cambridge University Press.

  • Hrachowitz, M., Savenije, H.H.G., Blöschl, G., McDonnell, J.J., Sivapalan, M., Pomeroy, J.W., Arheimer, B., Blume, T., Clark, M.P., Ehret, U., Fenicia, F., Freer, J.E., Gelfan, A., Gupta, H.V., Hughes, D.A., Hut, R.W., Montanari, A., Pande, S., Tetzlaff, D., Troch, P.A., Uhlenbrook, S., Wagener, T., Winsemius, H.C., Woods, R.A., Zehe, E. and C. Cudennec, C., 2013. A decade of Predictions in Ungauged Basins (PUB) - a review. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 58(6): 1198-1255, DOI:10.1080/02626667.2013.803183.

  • Jaeger, W., A. J. Plantinga, H. Chang, K. Dello, G. Grant, D. Hulse, J.J. McDonnell, S. Lancaster, H. Moradkhani A.T. Morzillo, P. Mote, A. Nolin, M. Santelmann and J. Wu, 2013. Toward a formal definition of water scarcity in natural-human systems. Water Resources Research,  49(7): 4506–4517, DOI: 10.1002/wrcr.20249.

  • Klaus, J. E. Zehe, M. Elsner, C. Külls, and J. J. McDonnell, 2013. Macropore flow of old water revisited: experimental insights from a tile-drained landscape? Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 17, 103-118. DOI: 10.5194/hess-17-103-2013

  • Lanni C., J.J. McDonnell, L. Hopp, R. Rigon, 2013. Simulated effect of soil depth and bedrock topography on near-surface hydrologic response and slope stability. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms,38: 146-159. DOI: 10.1002/esp.3267

  • Laudon, H, D. Tetzlaff, C. Soulsby, S. Carey, J. Seibert, J. Buttle, J. Shanley, J.J. McDonnell and K. McGuire, 2013. Change in winter climate will affect dissolved organic carbon and water fluxed in mid-to-high latitude catchments, Hydrological Processes, 27(5): 700-709. DOI: 10.1002/hyp.9686.

  • Muñoz-Villers, L. E. and McDonnell, J. J., 2013. Land use change effects on runoff generation in a humid tropical montane cloud forest region, Hydrology and Earth System Science, 17: 3543-3560, doi:10.5194/hess-17-3543-2013, 2013.

  • McDonnell, J.J., 2013. Are all runoff processes the same? Hydrological Processes, DOI: 10.1002/hyp.10076.

  • McDonnell, J.J., 2014. The two water worlds hypothesis: Ecohydrological separation of water between streams and trees? Wires Water, in press.

  • McDonnell, J.J. and K. Beven, 2014. A call to action aimed at understanding velocities, celerities and residence time distributions of the headwater hydrograph. Water Resources Research, in press.

  • Pangle, L, J.J. McDonnell and J. Gregg, 2014. Rainfall seasonality and an ecohydrological feedback offset the potential impact of climate warming on evapotranspiration and groundwater recharge. Water Resources Research, 50: DOI: 10.1002/2012WR013253

  • Pangle, L., J. Klaus, E. Berman, M. Gupta and J,J. McDonnell, 2013. A new multisource and high-frequency approach to measuring 2H and 18O in hydrological field studies. Water Resources Research, DOI: 10.1002/2013WR013743

  • Seibert, J. and J.J. McDonnell, 2013. Gauging the ungauged basin: the relative value of hard and soft data. Journal of Hydrological Engineering, 10.1061/(ASCE)HE.1943-5584.0000861.

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