Ken Belcher

Professor, Department of Bioresource Policy, Business and Economics, College of Agriculture and Bioresources
Professor, School of Environment and Sustainability

(306) 966-4019


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Resource and Environmental Economics, University of Saskatchewan
  • Master of Natural Resources Management, University of Manitoba
  • Bachelor of Science and Agriculture in Animal Science, University of Manitoba

Research Interests

Ecological economics; resource and environmental economics; environmental policy; climate change; wetland and wildlife conservation policy

Recent Grants/Awards

  • Management of Agricultural Landscapes with Wetlands and Riparian Zones: Economic and Greenhouse Gas Implications, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Ducks Unlimited Funding. September 2005 – March 2009.
  • Lower Souris Ecological Goods and Services Pilot. Lower Souris Watershed Committee Inc., Agriculture and Agri-Food (ACAAF) Funding. March 2007 – March 2009

Select Publications

  • Warren, J., C. Lawson, and K.W. Belcher. 2008. The Agri-Environment. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, UK.
  • Belcher, K.W., A. Germann and J. Schmutz. 2007. Beef with environmental and quality attributes: preferences of environmental group and the general population consumers in Saskatchewan, Canada. Agriculture and Human Values. 24:333-342.
  • Farnese, P.L. and K.W. Belcher. 2006. Wetlands in agricultural landscapes: a legal and policy context. Law Science and Policy. 3(1): 33-58.
  • Samarawickrema, A.K. and K.W. Belcher. 2005. Net greenhouse gas emissions and the economics of annual crop management systems. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics. 53:385-401.
  • Belcher, K.W. and J. Schmutz. 2005. Management of the prairie landscape through strategic consumer-producer co-operatives. Prairie Forum. 30(1):55-72.
  • Belcher, K.W., J. Nolan and P.W.B. Phillips. 2005. Genetically modified crops and agricultural landscapes: spatial patterns of contamination. Ecological Economics. 53:387-401.
  • Belcher, K.W., M.M. Boehm, and M.E. Fulton. 2004. Agroecosystem sustainability: A system simulation model approach. Agricultural Systems. 79:225-241.
  • Belcher, K.W, M.M. Boehm and M. Fulton. 2003. An agroecosystem scale evaluation of the sustainability implications of carbon tax and carbon credit policies. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture. 22(2): 75-97.
  • Belcher, K.W, A.L. Hobbs, and W.A. Kerr. 2003. The WTO and environmental sustainability: is there a conflict? International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development. 2(1):2-18.

Current Courses

  • ENVS 898.3 - Environmental Economics and Policy Making

Current Research

  • Targeting of Canadian Agri-Environmental Policy
  • Wetland and Riparian Conservation Policy and the Role of Carbon Markets
  • Compensation Required to Encourage Wetland Conservation in Saskatchewan
  • Appropriate Policy Measures and Ecological Goods and Services
  • Value of Recreational Leases to Saskatchewan Landowners

Other Courses

  • IPRM 102.3 - Environmental Studies Economics
  • RRM 212.3 - Introductory Resource Economics and Policy
  • BPBE 430.3 - Intermediate Resource Economics