MJ Barrett

(306) 966-7633

Research Interests

Human-nature relations; multiple ways of knowing (epistemology), especially intersections between intuition and animism; Aboriginal perspectives and inclusion of indigenous knowledges in environmental decision-making; outdoor and experiential education; theories of discourse; qualitative and decolonizing methodologies; ecopsychology and energetic healing


  • ENVS 811.3 - Multiple Ways of Knowing in Environmental Decision-making - This course examines multiple ways of knowing (epistemologies) used in environmental decision-making, including, but not limited to, Aboriginal knowledge systems.  The course involves critical examination of human-nature relations. Students are asked to analyze their own decision-making beliefs and practices in the context of multiple understandings of the world.  Applications to the legal "duty to consult" with Aboriginal peoples will be addressed. (Not offered in 2014/2015)