Markus Hecker

Associate Professor, School of Environment and Sustainability
Canada Research Chair in Predictive Aquatic Ecotoxicology

(306) 966-5233


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Institute of Hydrobiology and Fisheries Science, University of Hamburg
  • Diploma (Master of Science Equivalent), Institute of Hydrobiology and Fisheries Science, University of Hamburg

Research Interests

Investigation of biological effects of environmental stressors; environmental risk assessment; aquatic ecology/fish biology; development and application of bioanalytical techniques to assess environmental pollution


Recent Grants/Awards

  • Winner of the “Sabex Award of Innovation” at the 2010 Celebrate Success of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, Saskatoon, Canada, together with John P. Giesy and Xiaowei Zhang.  2010.
  • Royal University Hospital Foundation: “Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: Potential Effects on Female Reproductive Health in Saskatchewan”  – Co-Principal Investigator (2011 – current).
  • Communities of Tomorrow: “Expansion and commercialization of in vitro screening assays for the detection and assessment of endocrine disrupting potentials of chemicals, waste- and drinking-water”  – Principal Investigator (2011 – current).
  • Teck America Incorporated:  Upper Columbia River Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS)  “Assessment of Sediment Toxicity to White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) in the Upper Columbia River”  - Co-Principal Investigator/Study Coordinator  (2010 – current).
  • Teck America Incorporated: Upper Columbia River Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) “Assessment of Surface Water Toxicity to White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) in the Upper Columbia River”  - Co-Principal Investigator/Study Coordinator (2009 – current).
  • Boost Fund of the Exploratory Research Space @ RWTH Aachen (ERS): FLOODSEARCH II – Integrierte Hochwasserfolgenbewertung als neues Kompetenzfeld der RWTH zwischen Hochwasserrisiko, Sedimentdynamik, Sedimentqualität und Global Change  – Cooperator  (2009 – current).
  • Health Canada, National Contaminated Sites Program:  Bioaccessibility of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Mixtures in Incidentally Ingested Brownfield Soils  – Cooperator  (2009 – current).

Select Publications

  • Park. J.-W., Tompsett, A.R., Zhang, X., Newsted, J.L., Jones, P.D., Yu, R., Wu, R.S.S., Kong, R.Y.C., Giesy, J.P., Hecker, M. 2009.  Advanced fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) to localize and quantify gene expression in Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes) exposed to endocrine disrupting compounds. Environ Toxicol Chem. 28:1951-1962.
  • Zhang, X. , Newsted, J.L., Hecker, M., Higley, E.B., Jones, P.D., Giesy, J.P. 2009.  Classification of chemicals based on concentration-dependent toxicological data Using "ToxClust©" Environ Sci Technol.43:3926-3932.
  • Wan Y., Wiseman, S., Chang, H., Zhang, X., Jones, P.D., Hecker, M., Kannan, K., Tanabe, S., Hu, J., Lam, M.H.W., Giesy, J.P. 2009.  Origin of hydroxylated brominated diphenyl ethers: natural compounds or man-made flame retardants?  Environ. Sci. Technol. Published Online.
  • Higley, E.B., Newsted, J.L., Zhang, X., Giesy, J.P., Hecker, M. 2010. Differential assessment of chemical effects on aromatase activtity, and E2 and T production using the H295R cell line. Environ. Sci. Pol. Res. 17:1137-1148.
  • Chang H., Wan Y., Naile J., Zhang X., Wiseman S., Hecker M., Hu J., Lam M.H.W., Giesy J.P., Jones P.D. 2010. Simultaneous quantification of multiple classes of phenolic compounds in blood plasma by liquid chromatography-electrospray tandem mass spectrometry. J. Chrom. A 1217:506-513.
  • Liu C., Zhang X., Chang H., Jones P., Wiseman S., Naile J., Hecker M., Giesy J.P., Zhou B. 2010. Effects of fluorotelomer alcohol 8:2 FTOH on steroidogenesis in H295R cells: Targeting the cAMP signalling cascade. Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. 247:222-228.
  • Kramer V.J., Etterson M.A., Hecker M., Murphy C.A., Roesijadi G., Spade D.J., Spromberg J.A., Wang M., Ankley G.T. 2010. Adverse outcome pathways and ecological risk assessment: bridging to population level effects. Environ Toxicol. Chem. 30:64-76.
  • He Y., Wiseman S.B., Zhang X., Hecker M., Jones P.D., Gamel El-Din M., Martin J.W., Giesy J.P. 2010. Ozonation attenuates the endocrine disruptive effects of sediment-free oil sands process water in the H295R cell line. Chemosphere 80:578-584.
  • Brinkmann M., Hecker M., Cofalla C., Hudjetz S., Wölz, J., Roger, S., Kamman U. Schüttrumpf, H., Wiseman S., Zhang X., Giesy, J., Hollert, H. 2010. A combined hydraulic and  toxicological approach to assess re-suspended sediments during simulated flood events: Part I - Multiple biomarkers in rainbow trout.  J Soils Sed. 10:1347-1361.
  • Hecker, M., Hollert, H., Cooper, R., Vinggaard, A.-M., Akahori, Y., Murphy, M., Nellemann, C., Higley, E., Newsted, J., Laskey, J., Buckalew, A., Grund, S., Giesy, J., Timm, G. 2011. The OECD Validation Program of the H295R steroidogenesis assay. Phase 3:  Final Inter-Laboratory Validation Study. Environ. Sci. Pol. Res. Published online (DOI 10.1007/s11356-010-0396-x).
  • Grund S., Higley E., Schönenberger R., Suter M., Giesy J.P., Braunbeck T., Hecker M., Hollert H. 2010.  Effect directed analysis of the endocrine disrupting potential of sediments from the Upper Danube River (Germany) using in vitro bioassays and chemical analysis. Environ. Sci. Pol. Res. Published online (DOI 10.1007/s11356-010-0390-3).
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  • Liu C. Zhang X., Deng J.,  Hecker M., Giesy J., Al-Khedhairy A., Zhou B. 2011. Effects of Prochloraz or Propylthiouracil on the cross-talk between the HPG, HPA and HPT axes in zebrafish. Environ. Sci. Technol. 45:769-775.
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  • Hecker M., Hollert H. 2011.  Endocrine disruptor screening: regulatory perspectives and needs. Environmental Sciences Europe 23:15.