Philip Loring

Assistant Professor, School of Environment and Sustainability

(306) 966-1617


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Indigenous Studies, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Master of Arts in Anthropology, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (Philosophy and Classic Studies), Florida Atlantic University

Research Interests

Food systems and security; fisheries; local food movements; environmental justice; climatic and environmental change; indigenous cultures


Recent Publications

Peer-Reviewed Articles
  • P.A. Loring, S.C. Gerlach, and H.L. Harrison. 2013. Seafood as Local Food: Food Security and the Role of Salmon Fisheries on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. [online first] doi:10.5304/jafscd.2013.033.006.
  • P.A. Loring. 2013.  Alternative Perspectives on the Sustainability of Alaska’s Commercial Fisheries. Conservation Biology. 27(1): 55-63.
  • P.A. Loring and L.K. Duffy. 2011. Managing environmental risks: the benefits of a place-based approach. Remote and Rural Health 11(3):1800.
  • P.A. Loring, SC Gerlach, D. Atkinson, and M.S. Murray. 2011. Ways to Help and Ways to Hinder: Governance for sustainability and conservation in a changing climate. Arctic 64(1):73-88.
  • K. Dunlap, A.J. Reynolds, L.K. Duffy, S.C. Gerlach, P.A. Loring, M. Clerouxa, and J.P. Godin. 2011. Selected plasma fatty acid levels in subsistence fed sled dogs along the Yukon River: a pilot study for biomonitoring. Polar Record 48(2):177-183.
  • P.A. Loring, and SC Gerlach. 2010. Food Security and the Conservation of Yukon River Salmon: Are we asking too much of the Yukon River? Sustainability 9(2): 2965-2987.
Non-Peer-Reviewed Articles
  • S.C. Gerlach and P.A. Loring. 2012. “Rebuilding Alaska Foodsheds.” Rural Connections 6(2):23-24.
  • P.A. Loring and H.L. Harrison. 2012. “Fisheries and Food Security in Alaska.” Agroborealis 42 (1): 45-48.
Book Chapters
  • Gerlach, S. C., P.A. Loring, A. Turner, and D. Atkinson. 2011. Food Systems, Climate Change, and Community Needs, in North by 2020, Edited by A. Lovecraft and H. Eicken. Fairbanks, AK: University of Alaska Press, pp. 89-109.
  • P. Ericksen, B. Stewart, J. Dixon, D. Barling, P.A. Loring, M. Anderson, J. Ingram. 2010. The Value of a Food System Approach. In Food Security and Global Environmental Change. Edited by J. Ingram, P. Ericksen and D. Liverman. UK: Earthscan, pp. 25-45.

Recent Grants/Awards

  • 2012-13. Environmental Impacts of Arctic Oil Spills and Arctic Spill Response Technologies (pilot). International Association of Oil and Gas Producers. Co-I with R. Perkins. $10k / 1 year.
  • 2012. National Institutes of Health (NIH) Loan Repayment Program for Health Disparities Research. $35k/2 years.
  • 2011-16. Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy (ACCAP). NOAA Climate Program Office. $3.5M / 5 years. Co-I w/ S.F. Trainor, J. Walsh, S. Rupp, and J. Mathis
  • 2011-13. Regional Assessments of Vulnerability and Environmental Security (RAVENS). NOAA ClimateProgram Office. $300k / 2 years, PI w/ W. Schnabel and S.C. Gerlach.
  • 2011-12. US Geological Survey. National Climate Assessment, Alaska Chapter. $100k / 1 year. Co-I with S. Rupp and S.F. Trainor
  • 2011-12. US Fish and Wildlife Service Arctic Landscape Cooperative. BioMap Alaska: Citizen Science. Co-I with H. Ferren (Alaska Sea Life Center) and M.S. Murray. $65k.
  • 2011. American Fisheries Society, Western Division, 2011 Award of Merit for “regionally significant and worthy contribution.”
  • 2010. Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy Mini-grants. $16,000. “Marine Species RangeExtension and Invasives in Northern Alaskan Waters (MARINA). Co-I w/ M.S. Murray.