Tim Jardine

Assistant Professor, School of Environment and Sustainability

(306) 966-4158


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biology, University of New Brunswick
  • Master of Science in Biology, University of New Brunswick
  • Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology, Dalhousie University

Research Interests

River deltas as complex social-ecological systems; contaminant biomagnification in aquatic ecosystems; land-water and river-ocean connectivity; tropical floodplain hydrology and ecology; freshwater food webs; applications of stable isotope analysis in ecology

Current Research

  • Understanding long-term changes in hydrology, ecology and community livelihoods in large river deltas – Saskatchewan River Delta (SK) and Slave River Delta (NWT)
  • Assessing mercury concentrations in fishes of commercial and cultural importance
  • Determining effects of hydropower dams and their natural analogues, beaver dams, on structure and function of river ecosystems
  • Evaluating key drivers of biomagnification of persistent organic pollutants in aquatic food webs
  • Investigating hydrological and food-web connectivity between rivers and floodplains in Australia’s wet-dry tropics
  • Creating new models for the ecological and biogeochemical implications of flood regimes in large rivers

Recent Grants/Awards

  • Lindenschmidt, K., Jones, P., Bharadwaj, L., Jardine, T., and Doig, L. 2014-2016. Geospatial models and isotope tracers to identify key fish and animal habitats along the Slave River. NWT Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program. $80,000.
  • Steelman, T., Fresque-Baxter, J.A., McLachlan, S.M., Bharadwaj, L.A., Bradford, L.E.A., Jardine, T.D., Jones, P.D., Lindenschmidt, K.-E., Poelzer, G.M., Reed, M.G., and Strickert, G.E.H.  2014-2016. Delta Dialogue Network.  SSHRC Partnership Development Grant. $199,882 (link: http://www.usask.ca/research-groups/ddn/)
  • Jardine, T.D., Baulch, H.M., Hobson, K.A., and Janz, D.M. 2013-2016. Identifying flood- and food-related limits to fish and wildlife production in the Saskatchewan River delta. NSERC Collaborative Research and Development Grant. $411,158 (with SaskPower)
  • Jardine, T.D. 2013-2018.  Ecological benefits and toxicological consequences of flooding in river ecosystems. NSERC Discovery Grant. $135,000
  • Jones, P.D., Jardine, T.D., Bharadwaj, L., Doig, L., and Lindenschmidt, K.-E. 2013-2015.  SWEEP – The Slave Watershed Environmental Effects Program.  Canadian Water Network – Canadian Watersheds Research Consortium. $500,000

Select Publications

  • Jardine, T.D., Bond, N.R., Burford, M.A., Kennard, M.J., Ward, D.P., Bayliss, P., Davies, P.M., Douglas, M.M., Hamilton, S.K., Melack, J.M., Naiman, R.J., Pettit, N.E., Pusey, B.J., Warfe, D.M., and Bunn, S.E. 2015. Does flood rhythm drive ecosystem responses in tropical riverscapes?  Ecology 96: 684-692.
  • Sagin, J., Sizo, A., Wheater, H., Jardine, T.D., and Lindenschmidt, K.-E. 2015. A water coverage extraction approach to track inundation in the Saskatchewan River Delta, Canada. International Journal of Remote Sensing 36: 764-781.
  • Arciszewski, T.J., Farwell, A.J., Servos, M.R., Jardine, T.D., and Munkittrick, K.R. 2014. Differential recovery of d13C in multiple tissues of white sucker across age classes after the closure of a pulp mill. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 71: 747-755.
  • Lavoie, R.A., Jardine, T.D., Chumchal, M.M., Kidd, K.A., and Campbell, L.A. 2013. Biomagnification of mercury in aquatic food webs: a worldwide meta-analysis. Environmental Science and Technology 47: 13385-13394.
  • Ward, D.P., Hamilton, S.K., Jardine, T.D., Pettit, N.E., Tews, E.K., Olley, J.M., and Bunn, S.E. 2013. Assessing the seasonal dynamics of inundation, turbidity and aquatic vegetation in the Australian wet-dry tropics using optical remote sensing. Ecohydrology 6: 312-323.
  • Jardine, T.D., Kidd, K.A., O’Driscoll, N. 2013. Food web analysis reveals effects of pH on mercury bioaccumulation at multiple trophic levels in streams.  Aquatic Toxicology 132-133: 46-52.
  • Jardine, T.D., Hunt, R.J., Faggotter, S.J., Valdez, D., Burford, M.A., and Bunn, S.E. 2013. Carbon from periphyton supports fish biomass in waterholes of a wet-dry tropical river. River Research and Applications 29: 560-573.
  • Jardine, T.D., Kidd, K.A., and Rasmussen, J.B. 2012. Terrestrial organic matter in the diet of stream consumers: Implications for mercury exposure. Ecological Applications 22: 843-855.
  • Hunt, R.J., Jardine, T.D., Hamilton, S.K., and Bunn, S.E. 2012. Temporal and spatial constraints on ecosystem metabolism and food web carbon transfer in a wet-dry tropical river. Freshwater Biology 57: 435-450.
  • Jardine, T.D., Pettit, N.E., Warfe, D.M., Pusey, B.J., Ward, D.P., Douglas, M.M., Davies, P.M., and Bunn, S.E. 2012. Consumer-resource coupling in wet-dry tropical rivers. Journal of Animal Ecology. 81: 310-322.
  • Jardine, T.D., Pusey, B.J., Hamilton, S.K., Pettit, N.E., Davies, P.M., Douglas, M.M., Sinnamon, V., Halliday, I.A., and Bunn, S.E. 2012. Fish mediate high food web connectivity in the lower reaches of a wet-dry tropical floodplain river. Oecologia. 168: 829-838.
  • Jardine, T.D., Halliday, I.A., Howley, C., Sinnamon, V., and Bunn, S.E. 2012. Large scale surveys suggest limited mercury availability in tropical North Queensland (Australia). Science of the Total Environment 416: 385-393
  • Trakimas, G., Jardine, T.D., Barisevičiūtė, R, Garbaras, A., Skipitytė, R., Remeikis, V. 2011. Ontogenetic dietary shifts in European common frog (Rana temporaria) revealed by stable isotopes. Hydrobiologia 675: 87-95.
  • Jardine, T.D., Hunt, R.J., Pusey, B.J., and Bunn, S.E. 2011. A non-lethal sampling method for stable isotope studies of tropical fishes. Marine and Freshwater Research 62: 83-90.
  • Jardine, T.D., and Kidd, K.A. 2011. Low concentrations of selenium in stream food webs of eastern Canada. Science of the Total Environment 409: 785-791.

Current Courses

  • TOX 302 - Introduction to Aquatic Toxicology
  • ENVS 824 - River Science
  • ENVS 806 - Field Skills in Environment and Sustainability