Core Faculty

MJ Barrett
(306) 966-7633
Human-nature relations; multiple ways of knowing (epistemology), especially intersections between intuition and animism; Aboriginal perspectives and inclusion of indigenous knowledges in environmental decision-making; outdoor and experiential education; theories of discourse; qualitative and decolonizing methodologies; ecopsychology and energetic healing

Helen Baulch
(306) 966-2549
Water quality; aquatic ecology; global change; biogeochemical cycles; greenhouse gas emissions; eutrophication

Ken Belcher
(306) 966-4019
Ecological economics; resource and environmental economics; environmental policy; climate change; wetland and wildlife conservation policy

Douglas A. Clark
(306) 966-5405
Polar bear-human conflicts; decision-making under conditions of rapid social-ecological change; wildlife and protected area management; environmental governance and policy processes

Markus Hecker
(306) 966-5233
Investigation of biological effects of environmental stressors; environmental risk assessment; aquatic ecology/fish biology; development and application of bioanalytical techniques to assess environmental pollution

Hayley Hesseln
(306) 966-8407
Environmental and resource economics; forestry economics

Andrew Ireson
(306) 966-8020
Modelling flow and transport in the hydrological cycle; methods to improve collection, analysis, and interpretation of integrated hydrological data; hydrological change in northern latitudes; groundwater resource management; groundwater quality and sustainable development of natural resources; Integrated hydrological-epidemiological research

Tim Jardine
(306) 966-4158
Freshwater food webs; applications of stable isotope analysis in ecology; tropical floodplain hydrology and ecology; contaminant biomagnification in aquatic ecosystems; sources and fate of trace metals; fish migration; land-water and river-ocean connectivity

Paul Jones
(306) 966-5062
Analytical and environmental chemistry and toxicology; fate and effects of trace substances in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems; aquatic and wildlife toxicology; ecological risk assessment; human impacts on northern Canadian ecosystems and subsistence food resources

Vladimir Kricsfalusy
(306) 966-6642
Conservation biology; population biology and ecology; community ecology; restoration ecology; taxonomy

Colin Laroque
(306) 966-2493
(306) 966-6881

Yanping Li
(306) 966-2793
Regional climate modelling; mesoscale dynamics; boundary layer meteorology; air-sea interaction

Karsten Liber
(306) 966-7444
Metal bioavailability and toxicity in aquatic ecosystems; mining impacts on aquatic ecosystems; water quality assessments; pesticide ecotoxicology

Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt
(306) 966-6174
Surface water quality modelling; river ice processes; climate change and river morphology; flood and flood risk management

Philip Loring
(306) 966-1617
Food systems and security; fisheries; local food movements; environmental justice; climatic and environmental change; indigenous cultures

Charles Maulé
(306) 966-4765
Soil hydrology; evapo-transpiration; solute transport; drainage; semi-arid agricultural systems; land-soil conservation; erosion; reclamation; soil-water conservation systems

Jeffrey McDonnell
(306) 966-8529
Watershed hydrology; runoff processes and modelling; isotope hydrology; hydrological theory

Christy Morrissey
(306) 966-4433
Avian ecology and wildlife ecotoxicology; effect of multiple stressors (chemical, natural and climatic) on bird behaviour and population stability; impact of endocrine disrupting chemicals from sewage and industrial discharge to river birds; nutrient and contaminant sources in the context of annual life cycles; freshwater ecology and pollution

Bram Noble
(306) 966-1899
Environmental assessment; environmental planning and management; implications of resource development; environmental decision-making

Maureen Reed
(306) 966-5630
Environmental governance; community-based ecosystem management; sustainability of rural communities; gender-based analysis; national parks, biosphere reserves, and forestry communities

Toddi Steelman
(306) 966-1499
Environmental and natural resource governance; public and community decision-making; the interface between science, policy and decision-making; climate change adaptation; disaster-resilient communities; risk and crisis communication; wildfire preparedness

Fran Walley
(306) 966-6854
Soil nitrogen (N) dynamics; soil organic matter; bioavailable soil N pools; soil quality; biological dinitrogen fixation; biofertilizers; GHG emissions; soil quality and sustainability; food security; N- and C- XANES

Howard Wheater
(306) 966-1990
Hydrological processes and modelling, with applications to the management of flood risk, water resources, water quality, wastes and climate change adaptation

Associate Faculty

Angela Bedard-Haughn
Applied pedology; soils and global change (climate change, land use change); greenhouse gas emissions; wetland soils

Scott Bell
Cognitive science (in relation to geography, psychology and education); geographic information science

Lalita Bharadwaj
Community-based participatory research; partnering with Indigenous communities; First Nations water quality and health; human and environmental health risk assessment

Ryan Brook
Aboriginal land management; wildlife conservation and management; disease ecology; protected areas; linking local and traditional knowledge with science; human-wildlife conflicts; youth experiential education; vegetation-permafrost interactions

Geoff Cunfer
Environmental history; Great Plains history; United States history; HGIS (Historical Geographical Information Systems); historical geography; social metabolism

Rachel Engler-Stringer
Food systems; community food security; health promotion

Michael Gertler
Rural sociology; community; environmental sociology; agriculture; co-operatives; sustainable development

Jill Gunn
Strategic environmental assessment; cumulative effects assessment; natural resources management; urban-regional development issues; environmental management and urban planning theory and frameworks

Suren Kulshreshtha
Climate change; greenhouse gas emission mitigation; drought economic impact assessment; integrated assessment; water resources and irrigation; environmental valuation

Marcia McKenzie
Place, environment and sustainability; social justice; globalization; educational policy and practice

David Natcher
Aboriginal land management; natural resource management; traditional ecological knowledge (TEK); human and political ecology; applied and environmental anthropology; social forestry; common-property theory

Mehdi Nemati
Environmental bioengineering with particular emphasis on application of biochemical engineering principles to solve environmental and processing problems in mining and petroleum industries

Aloysius Newenham-Kahindi
Sustainable development; multinational companies; cross-sector social partnerships; emerging markets; NGO's; corporate governance; community engagement

Robert Patrick
Water policy and governance; source water protection; watershed planning; sustainable communities; Aboriginal access to safe drinking water; urban and regional planning

Bing Si
Soil physics; soil-water dynamics; Boreal ecosystems

Jafar Soltan
Environmental engineering; environmental catalysis; treatment of polluted air; treatment of emerging pollutants in water; wastewater treatment

Ryan Walker
Urban planning; urban design; urban geography; comparative urban Indigenous studies in Canada, New Zealand and Australia; housing studies; multi-level governance and urban policy; First Nation community planning; citizenship theory; housing for people with serious mental illness

Clinton Westman
Environmental anthropology; anthropology of religion; research in indigenous communities; social impact assessment; energy

Chelsea Willness
Business sustainability; corporate social responsibility; organizational reputation; recruitment; stakeholder attraction (eg, job applicants, consumers); impression management; community service learning

Adjunct Faculty

Murray Bentham
GHG emissions inventory; agroforestry; agri-environmental indicators

Alex Bond
Stable isotopes, demography, invasive species, seabirds, mercury, conservation, wildlife management

John Mark Davies
Water quality; aquatic nutrient dynamics; eutrophication; cyanotoxins; saline lakes; primary productivity; land-use water quality linkages; lake and reservoir management

Monique Haakensen
Environmental microbiology; cleantech; biogeochemistry; microbial ecology (including metagenomics); bioremediation; biomining; bioinformatics; integrative research

Andrew Harwood
Fish ecology; effects of resource development and climate change on aquatic ecosystems; instream flow; integrated water resource management; environmental monitoring; biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems; fish habitat compensation

Michael Hill
Wetlands; watershed planning; landscape ecology; wetland restoration; waterfowl ecology; ecological goods and services

Keith Hobson
Avian conservation and ecology; animal migration; foodweb dynamics; nutrient flux; stable isotopes (methods, development and applications)

Mark Johnston
Sustainable forest management; forest ecosystem modeling; climate change and forest management; forest carbon management; agroforestry; forest governance models; community forestry in developing countries

Murray MacKay
Climate adaptation; climate change and processes; climate modelling; Great Lakes; water quantity

Merle Massie
Local, rural and environmental history;

Catherine Nui
Adsorption, biosorption, water/wastewater treatment, adsorption kinetics and equilibrium, adsorption modelling.

Hans Peterson
Drinking water and wastewater treatment; surface and groundwater; water treatment evaluations

Carrie Rickwood
Environmental effects of mining on the aquatic environment, metal fate and toxicity; assessment of regulatory toxicity tests; improving environmental relevance; sensitivity; science-policy integration for environmental science

Richard Robarts
Aquatic microbial ecology; limnology; microbial production, microbial-contaminant interactions; carbon and phosphorus cycles; global water quality issues; global water quality monitoring and assessment

Jeffrey Sereda
Fish ecology; water quality; aquatic biogeochemistry; impacts of ultraviolet radiation on aquatic ecosystems; aquatic microbial ecology

Judit Smits
Wildlife health; wildlife bioindicators of ecosystem health; avian toxicology; immunotoxicology; wildlife ecology; arsenic toxicology; veterinary medicine

Garth van der Kamp
Groundwater-surface interactions; groundwater resource evaluation; groundwater flow and solute transport; hydrology of wetlands

Marley Waiser
Aquatic microbial ecology; prairie wetlands; streams and saline lakes; nutrient cycling; pharmaceuticals; herbicides; dissolved organic carbon biogeochemistry

Elaine Wheaton
Climate change impacts, adaptations, hazards, and vulnerability; drought; water resources