Who We Are


The School of Environment and Sustainability (SENS) is an international model of excellence and destination site for interdisciplinary, problem-oriented and experience-based graduate learning for issues dealing with environment and sustainability.


We enable sustainable communities and environments through collaborative research and teaching, graduate student engagement, and community involvement. We broaden understanding and develop champions of environmental sustainability by creating, exchanging, and translating knowledge using diverse perspectives.

Core Values

As a School, we value:

  • Scholarly dialogue and debate regarding environment and sustainability
  • Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary scholarship
  • Innovation and academic excellence among students and faculty
  • Student growth and success
  • Systems and holistic approaches to environmental sustainability
  • Working on a variety of spatial and temporal scales
  • Collaboration in teaching, research, and engagement
  • Consultative and cooperative decision-making
  • Respectful and substantive engagement with wide communities
  • Inclusion of different ways of knowing
  • Supporting sustainable and healthy communities and environments
  • Making a difference through public discourse, deliberative processes, and informed citizenship
  • Leading by example through attention to our own environmental footprint