Two directors and one associate director oversee the activities of the thirteen units in the Student and Enrolment Services Division, which offer student support services and operational support to the entire campus.

Alison Pickrell

Alison Pickrell - Director of Enrolment and Student Affairs

Alison Pickrell has had an extensive career, having spent the last 30 years in post-secondary education administration. She began her career at the University of Saskatchewan, working in various capacities in the former Office of the Registrar and in Student and Enrolment Services Division (SESD).

In 2003 Alison became Registrar at SIAST, and in 2006, she became the Associate Vice-President, Student Affairs at SIAST. She returned to SESD in August 2011 as the Director of Enrolment, excited by the opportunity to enhance our recruitment and admission strategies to more actively engage with our Aboriginal and International student populations.

As a member of SESD’s senior leadership team, Alison provides overall leadership to five units within SESD – Aboriginal Student Centre, Admissions and Transfer Credit, International Student and Study Abroad Centre, Student Health and Counselling Services and Undergraduate Recruitment.

Russel Isinger

Russell Isinger - Director of Academic Services and Financial Assistance

Russell Isinger, BA, MA, joined Student and Enrolment Services Division (SESD) in 2003. Between 2003 and 2009, he served as Coordinator of Registration and Examinations, Manager and Assistant Registrar (Academic), and Co-Manager of Student Central.

In 2009, Russell joined SESD’s senior leadership team as Registrar and Director of Academic Services and Financial Assistance. As a member of SESD’s senior leadership team, Russell provides leadership to six units within SESD - Awards and Financial Aid, Disability Services for Students, Registrarial Services, Student Central Support Services, Student Employment and Career Centre and Student Information Systems.

Prior to joining SESD, Russell served as a sessional lecturer with the Department of Political Studies, College of Arts and Science, and with St. Thomas More College, as well as a research assistant at the College of Law, and he continues to serve as a Professional Affiliate with the Department of Political Studies.

Vicki Squires

Vicki Squires - Associate Director

Vicki Squires joined Student and Enrolment Services Division (SESD) in 2010, having previously worked as a teacher and administrator in the K-12 public school system for many years. She completed her PhD in Educational Administration at the U of S in 2010.

As the Associate Director, she has responsibility for the Strategic and Operational Services unit, which provides support to SESD units in the areas of assessment, communication, finance, planning, program development and reporting. Vicki has a particular passion for working with managers and staff on integrated planning and assessment, and has been very excited to see SESD move towards a more comprehensive and data-driven planning model.