Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries

Awards and Financial Aid administers undergraduate awards, revises undergraduate award policies and procedures, and authorizes payout of college and department administered awards on behalf of the Scholarships and Awards Committee of University Council. The College of Graduate Studies and Research is responsible for graduate awards and polices.


Refer Entering Students to Recruitment and Admissions for information on the two entering awards programs: Competitive Entrance Awards and Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships

Continuing Students should contact Student Central for details on Continuing Scholarships and Continuing Bursaries. Application deadlines are June 1 and October 1, respectively. Details are available online at: Award details and application forms for the University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association (USFA) Scholarship Fund Program can also be found online.

Both entering and continuing students may be eligible for college- or department-specific awards. Encourage students to speak with the undergraduate office in their college for more information.

Huskie Athletics administers the awards for Huskie Athletes. Details are available online.

All undergraduate university, college- or department-specific and Huskie Athletics awards should be listed in the online searchable awards databases for entering or continuing students. Awards and Financial Aid sends the award listings to each college for review on an annual basis.

Graduate Students should be referred to the Graduate Award Search on the College of Graduate Studies and Research website.


Each college has a Development Officer (DO) that works with the college and University Advancement (UA). Development Officers initiate and facilitate contact with donors. Any donor interaction, award related or not, should be discussed with the DO for your college. If a donor wishes to establish an award, your DO will discuss the award with the donor and then your DO will contact Awards and Financial Aid in order to draft terms of reference for the award. The DO will facilitate contact with the donor using their discretion for each individual situation.

Once an award is established, the DO, in conjunction with the Award Committee (college or department), will be responsible for maintaining appropriate contact with each donor.


For endowed awards (awards funded from trusts), contact your financial analyst in the Financial Services Division (FSD) to confirm the amount of money available for awards in the upcoming year. Also confirm that the conditions, application procedures and deadline date are correctly reflected in the online searchable awards database. Notify Awards and Financial Aid if any changes are required.

For annually funded awards, the DO should write to all donors to confirm that the award will be funded in the upcoming year and to ensure that the number, value, and conditions of the award are correct. Donors should be reminded that funds for annual awards should be received by the University by June 1 of each year. Receipt of funds can be confirmed with the Financial Services Division.

Whether the award amount is transferred from a trust fund or given as an annual donation, once funds have been confirmed with FSD, select the recipient that meets all award eligibility criteria (as outlined in the award’s Terms of Reference) and the policies of the Scholarships and Awards Committee. Prior to notifying the recipient, contact Awards and Financial Aid with the student name, student number, award name, value of award, account number (CFOAPAL) and detail code. Once Awards and Financial Aid has confirmed that the student(s) is eligible, you can notify the student(s) that they have received an award.

Your correspondence with the student should include the name and value of the award and, when appropriate, a request that students express their gratitude to the donor of the award. All undergraduate award letters must include an explanation of the relevant credit unit requirements and a description of the University’s policy of applying awards directly to the student’s account for payment of tuition and fees. Thank you notes and letters of appreciation should be returned to the department or college and sent to the donor by your DO.

The Development Officer should provide the donor with the name of the recipient, program and any other relevant information.

If the award is for graduate students, contact the Graduate Studies and Research Awards Office with the recipient’s name, student number, award name and other relevant information at or 966-5751.

Book Prizes

If a student is selected as a recipient for a book prize, contact Awards and Financial Aid to ensure the recipient meets the prize eligibility. Indicate the recipient’s name, student number, prize name, award value, account code (CFOAPAL) and detail code. Once the recipient’s eligibility is confirmed, Awards and Financial Aid will send the information to the University Bookstore. The Bookstore will email the student once the credit has been established. The student must present their student card to the Bookstore cashier when they have selected the book(s) they want.

If the book is already chosen for the student, the cost of the book is initially charged to the department or college’s account. In correspondence with Awards and Financial Aid or the College of Graduate and Research Awards Office, the department or college should include the account number to be reimbursed, the recipient’s name, student number, prize name, and award value.