Information for Instructors


The Student and Enrolment Services Division’s mission is student success. Our goal is to work collaboratively with the University of Saskatchewan community to support and advance the quality of students’ academic career as they pass through the phases of enquiry, admission, registration, graduation, and beyond.

This handbook is an attempt to cement that collaborative relationship with you, the faculty members, term appointees and sessional lecturers, Department Heads and Chairs, College advisors and administrators, and Departmental and College support staff. We hope that the handbook will help you to navigate your way through the regulations and procedures of the University whatever your role might be. These regulations and procedures are already available to all of us but are distributed in many places—Calendar, web sites, University Council documents, policy statements, etc.—that we sometimes have difficulty knowing where to look for them.

This handbook contains information about the most important points where the teaching and learning process intersects with the administrative regulations and procedures of the institution. We have expressed this information in an easy to use question-and-answer format.

I wish you the very best for a successful and rewarding academic year. Please feel free to contact our staff if you need advice or assistance. We are here to help.

Yours respectfully,

Dr. David Hannah
Associate Vice-President, Student and Enrolment Services Division