current exhibition



Way In

February 8 - 19, 2015, 2015

Reception: February 8, 7-10pm


A Cooperative exchange of MFA Students from the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Lethbridge





Kenderdine and College Galleries, University of Saskatchewan


January 29 - April 29, 2016

Reception: Friday, March 18, 8pm



(re)visit: interpreting the collection creates new dialogues between works by examining their underpinnings within historical movements and contemporary concepts, addressing specific ideologies such as utopias, automatism, figuration, the everyday and suprematism. (re)visit privileges contextual inquiry and invites the viewer to reconsider the works within these ideological frameworks. The inclusion of documentary film, archival documents and a reading room, aims to evoke critical dialogue by highlighting cross-connections and counterpoints found in the collection.


This exhibition also serves as a marker to celebrate the 10 and 25 year anniversaries of the College Art Galleries and Kenderdine Art Gallery respectively.


For more information visit: Kenderdine and College Galleries

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