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Saskatchewan Neuroscience Network

About SNN

The Saskatchewan Neuroscience Network (SNN) is an organization whose aims are:

SNN has been in existence since 1997, during which time it has actively and successfully pursued each of the goals listed above.

The Saskatchewan Neuroscience Network (SNN) is the only formal organization of neuroscientists in the Province of Saskatchewan.

We have organized very successful Brain Awareness Week educational programs for each of the past 10 years.

An additional important activity of the network is to provide opportunities for Saskatchewan neuroscientists from various disciplines to become acquainted. This is achieved by organizing an annual Brain Awareness Week Dinner as well as social gatherings after each SNN lecture.

At the first Brain Awareness Week Dinner held on March 14, 1997 on the University of Saskatchewan campus, neuroscientists in attendance indicated their support for the establishment of a formal neuroscience organization in the Province of Saskatchewan.

The petition to charter SNN as a chapter of the Society for Neuroscience, an international organization with over 36,000 members, was approved at its Council meeting in the spring of 1997.

An Advisory Council was struck to organize SNN and in the summer of 1998 the Advisory Council compiled a set of By-Laws, which were approved in November 1998 by the Council of the Society for Neuroscience and in February 1999 by the SNN membership.

In the spring of 1999 the first general elections were held and SNN became legally constituted on July 1, 1999.

Its executive consists of a Council of 12 members, a treasurer and a coordinator.

Members of the Council come from the various disciplines of neuroscience represented at the University of Saskatchewan.

The petition by SNN for affiliation with the University of Saskatchewan was approved on June 2001 by the University Council.