Paper Submission for Conference Proceedings

All the oral presentations and posters will be compiled into post conference proceedings.   You are REQUIRED to submit an electronic copy of your presentation for the proceedings. All copies are to be submitted by e-mail to

Example of Title Page  

Please use the following example as a guideline for preparing your title page. 

  •  Left and Right margin = 1.0 inch
  •  Use a double line (3/4 pt) above and below the text in the header. The header in the example includes the title, author and affiliations. The double lines should be 3/4 pt width. 
  •  Title should be bold, 16 point, first letter capitalized on each major word, centered. In the example, the title is "Three Years of Precision Farming Research at Hepburn, Saskatchewan". 
  •  Author(s) and affiliation(s) should be 12 point, first letter of each major word capitalized, centered. Use superscript ( 1 ) to indicate affiliation of author.
  •  Headings = bold, first letter capitalized of each major word. In the example, the headings are Key Words, Abstract, Introduction.
  •  Paragraphs = single-spaced. Double space between paragraphs, 12 point, sarif font such as Times New Roman or Times (preferably), Century Schoolbook, Bookman.
  •  Include the key words immediately below the title header
Top and Bottom margin = 1.0 inch 



The proceedings are widely distributed, so quality is important. Please include the highlights and practical use of your research, along with the background and other relevant information. Formatting instructions for the proceedings are included below. See the following examples for formatting guidelines.