2015 Soils and Crops Proceedings

Day 1 Monday March 16
Crop Protection Soil Fertility
Group 2 Resistant Cleavers Control in Peas in the Black Soil Zone
K. Sapsford
Response of Galium species (cleavers) to herbicides
I. Epp
Effects of Seed-Placed Sulfur Fertilizer Forms on Wheat, Canola and Pea in Saskatchewan Soils
T. King
Improving Oat Competitive Ability Through Seed Selection and Seed Treatment
J. Weber
Long-term Effect of Fertilizer Microdosing on Soil Fertility in the West African Sahel
A. Adams
PPO inhibitors as a new herbicides in lentil production
V. Pajic
Nitrogen Placement Method for Cereal Crops: Band or Broadcast?
R. Karamanos
Control of glyphosate-resistant canola (Brassica napus L.) in glyphosate-resistant soybean (Glycine max) with pre- and post-emergence treatments
E. Tozzi
Effect of Black Medic (Medicago lupulina) and Nitrogen Fertilizer on Crop Yield and Soil Nitrogen and Phosphorous
B. May
Assessing the genetic and pathogenic variability of Pyrenophora teres f. maculata (spot form net blotch of barley) and its ability to overcome currently-used sources of resistance on the Canadian Prairies
A. Akhavan
Yield and Nutrient Uptake of Soybean, Pea and Lentil at Four Sites in Saskatchewan
J. Xie
Effects of cultivar resistance and fungicide application on crown rust in oat at Saskatchewan in 2012, 2013 and 2014
J. Liu
Nitrification Inhibitors, Expanding the Window of Fall Nitrogen Applications
T. Jensen
Temperature Effects on the Aggressiveness of Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici, Stripe Rust of Wheat
A. Tran
Use of Nitrapyrin to Reduce Nitrogen Losses in Western Canada
R. Degenhardt
Crop Protection Soil Biology
Evaluation of fusarium wilt resistance in flax germplasm
P. Edirisinghe
Forecasting the Quality of AMF Communities in a Soil Sample
C. Hamel
Genetic diversity analysis of Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici in western Canada
G. Singh Brar
Rhizosphere- and Root- associated bacterial Communities in Flax (Linum usitatissimum) and their response to Application of Commercial Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) Inoculant
M. Wijesinghe
Virulence of Leaf Mottle (Septoria triseti) in Canary seed
P. Martinez
Examining biochar as a carrier for Rhizobium spp. on pea crop
K. Hardy
Evaluating the most effective fungicide timing in leaf spot diseases in spring wheat
D. MacLean
Differences in soil microbial communities in organic and conventional management systems alter soil nutrient cycling
M. Arcand
Crop Management and Development The Place of Soil
Molecular discrimination of Catchweed Bedstraw (Galium aparine L.) and False Cleavers (Galium spurium L.) in Western Canada
A. DeRoo
Surveying and Classifying our Saskatchewan Soils
D. Anderson
Seeding rates for precision seeded canola
L. Grenkow
The Complexity of Soil Landscapes: Variability from the micro-scale to the macro-scale
A. Bedard-Haughn
Utilization of Microsatellite Markers to Test the Purity and Hybridity of Canary Seed Grass Genotypes
A. Altaher
A bug’s eye view: soil management effects on microbial biodiversity
B. Helgason
The strategy and application of introgression breeding in lentil
L. Chen
Soil in the Prairie Grower’s Eyes
T. Nerbas
Phenolic compounds profiling in zero-tannin and tannin-containing lentil seeds
M. Mirali
An International Perspective on Soils and Global Food Security
A. Johnston
Effect of Iron, Phytic acid and Carotenoid Concentration on Iron Bioavailability in Pea
P. Bangar
UN-FAO Initiatives to Preserve the Soils Resource
D. Pennock
Crop Production Systems Soil and Crop Management
The potential for inter-row cultivation in organic pulse production
K. Stanley
Effect of shelterbelts on agricultural greenhouse gas mitigation. A modelling approach
C. Amadi
High Hopes for Industrial Hemp in Western Canada
K. Meier
Spectroscopic characterization of soil organic carbon under the shelterbelts and agricultural fields
G. Dhillon
Economics of conventional and sustainable irrigated potato production systems
M. Khakbazan
Stockpiled cicer milkvetch and brome forage quality
P. Jefferson
Effect of phosphorous and cadmium levels on glyphosate sorption
S. Munira
Effect of Fertilizer Application Method on Soybean Yield, Nutrient Uptake, and Off-Site Transport of Phosphorus in Snowmelt Runoff Water
B. Weiseth
Potential causes of yield instability in canary seed
K. Xyntaris
Effect of rate and time after application of granular sulphur on soil pH reduction, growth and yield components of lentils
E. Asare
Dynamics of Microbial Communities during Decomposition of 13C Labeled Corn Under Different Tillage Practices in Ohio USA.
C. Turgay, Dept of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Ankara Turkey
Phosphorus Management for Soybeans in Manitoba
G. Bardella,
Day 2-Agronomy Workshop: Plant Disease Issues on the Prairies

What we can learn from the Fusarium Head Blight experience in North Dakota.
Dr. Marcia McMullen, Cereal Pathologist, North Dakota State University

Ergot, a perennial issue?
Dr. Jim Menzies; Cereal Pathologist, Agriculture and AgriFood Canada, Morden MB

New technology to salvage grain from FDK and ergot infested cereals.
Dr. Tom Scott, Research Chair in Feed Processing Technology, University of Saskatchewan

Diseases and Pests of Soybean in the Northern Great Plains of the USA – What’s Important to
Dr. Berlin Nelson, Plant Pathologist, Professor, North Dakota State University

What in the soil is going on with prairie field pea production?
Dr. Sabine Banniza; Pulse Pathologist, Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan

An overview of sclerotinia stem rot/white mold management
Barbara Ziesman, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture , Regina SK

Is blackleg creeping back into canola growers fields in SK?
Dr. Gary Peng, Oilseed Pathologist, Agriculture and AgriFood Canada, Saskatoon, SK

Where are we at with clubroot management.
Dr. Stephen Strelkov, Plant Pathologist, University of Alberta

Folilar fungicide use is increasing quickly: don’t forget to rotate fungicides.
Dr. Bruce Gossen – Plant Pathologist, Agriculture and AgriFood Canada, Saskatoon, SK

Poster Presentations

Modes of action of H2-oxidizing and plant-growth-promoting rhizobacteria
L. Abdellatif

Effects of Seed-Placed Sulfur Fertilizer Forms on Wheat, Canola and Pea Yields under Controlled Growth Conditions in Three Saskatchewan Soils
H.P Ahmed

Optimizing Oat Yield, Quality and Standability in Central Alberta
J. Aidoo

Soil-Atmosphere Exchange of Carbon dioxide, Methane and Nitrous oxide in shelterbelt and crop fields sites across Saskatchewan , Canada
C. Amadi

Comparison and contrast between PRS probe measurements and conventional soil testing
K. Sooriya Arachchlage

Pulse-wheat rotations influence the potential of nitrous oxide (N2O) production in the Canadian Prairie
N. Bazghaleh

Improving Snap Bean Production Under Reduced Input Production Systems
H. Beshir

Feasibility of a new granular rapid release elemental S fertilizer in preventing S deficiency of canola on a S-deficient soil
S. Brandt

Feasibility of rock phosphate and other amendments in preventing P deficiency in barley on a P-deficient soil in northeastern Saskatchewan
S. Brandt

Seed Yield Potential of Five Wheat Species/Cultivars Without and With Phosphorus Fertilizer Application on a P-deficient Soil in Northeastern Saskatchewan
S. Brandt

Races of Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici in western Canada
G. Brar

The Effects of Agricultural Drainage on Soil Properties in Saskatchewan
R. Brown

Emergence Timing and Morphological Characteristics of Galium spp. in Western Canada
A. De Roo

Effects of Starter Sulfur and Phosphorus Fertilizers on Sulfate Content in the Seed - row of Saskatchewan Soils Seeded to Canola and Peas
C. Fatteicher

Denitrifying bacterial communities vary with soil N in canola fields
Y. Gan

Grain Yield and Protein Content of Durum Wheat Preceded by Green Manure
Y. Gan

Post-Harvest Soil Water and N Status in Pulse Fields in Comparison to Chem-Fallow
Y. Gan

Uniform plant stands promote pod set and boost seed yield in canola
Y. Gan

Agriculture And Agri-Food Canada’s Salt Tolerance Testing Facility
C. Gatzke

The Residual Effect of Biochar and Animal Manures on Soil Properties, Canola Yield, and Fertilizer N Recovery
R. Hangs

Effect of Stand Termination Strategy and Fertilization History on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Carbon Dynamics from Two Forage Grass Stands
M. Holmes

Effect of pulse-wheat based cropping system on soil biological activity
J. Jazestani

Sulfur Speciation in Different Sulfur Fertilizers Applied Seed-Row Using S K-Edge XANES Spectroscopy
G. Kar

Does addition of copper increase the macronutrient content of wheat?
R. Karamanos

Comparative germination of four Western wheatgrass cultivars under constant and alternating temperatures
M.R. Kehler

Standardizing vegetative propagation as a tool for polycross mating of ascending purple milkvetch (Astragalus adsurgens Pallas)t
N. Khanal

Partitioning residue-derived and residue-induced emissions of N2O using 15N-labelled crop residue
J.D. Knight

Does phosphate impact glyphosate fate in soil?
S. Munira

Pyrosequencing based analysis of soil bacterial communities under long-term soil tillage and crop residue management in semiarid environments
Y. Niu

Soil Nutrient Trends of Polyculture in Long Term Rotation
I. Piche

Impact of nitrogen stabilizers on the nitrogen use efficiency in western Canadian spring wheat
A. Schoepp

Forage Production and Crude Protein of Seven Native Species on 4-Year Stand
M. Serajchi

Effects of Short Rotation Willow as a land management practice on soil hydrology and salinity in the riparian zones of the Prairie wetlands
Md. Shayeb Shahariar

Development of a herbicide resistance bioassay for wild mustard
A. Szmigielski

Explore Protein Molecular Structure and Nutritive Value of Yellow and Black Canola Seed
K. Theodoridou

Evaluating Potential Forages for Suppressing Foxtail Barley and Downy Brome in Saline Pastures and Hay Fields
K. Wall