2016 Soils and Crops Proceedings

Day 1 Proceedings
Crop Development
Soil Management
Parminderjit Bangar
Evaluation Of Iron Bioavailability In Pea (Pisum Sativum L.) Lines Contrasting In Nutritional Traits
Tom King
Effect of Precision Subsoiling on Soil Physical Properties in a Brown Chernozem Soil
Robin Brown
Benefits and Implications of Agricultural Drainage in Southeast Saskatchewan
Gursahib Singh
Preliminary analyses of 2014 Fusarium damaged kernels
Ken Van Rees
Shelterbelts: A row of trees or the next best thing to mitigating GHGs on prairie landscapes
Yunfei Jiang
Effect of ovule, pod and node position on patterns of seed formation in field pea (Pisum sativum) response to heat stress
Chukwadi Amadi
Impact of N-fixing trees on soil-derived N2O emissions in semi-arid Canadian Prairie

Rajib Podder
Adding nutritional value to lentils
Phillip Harder
Unmanned aerial vehicle remote sensing of shallow snow: assessment and possibilities for improving snowmelt prediction
Crop Development & Management
Soil Biology
Paul Jefferson
The history of forage cultivar testing in Saskatchewan
Liting Liu
Comparison of seed yield, biological nitrogen fixation and greenhouse gas emissions during production of pea, lentil, chickpea, and fababean
Mohammad Khakbazan
Contribution of legume preceding crops to improve economic and non-renewable energy use efficiency of canola production
Liting Liu
Contribution of pulse crop residues and soil to N2O and CO2 emissions in a subsequent wheat
Yantai Gan
Yield stability and seed shattering characteristics of Brassica juncea canola on the Canadian prairie
Panchali Katulanda
Microbial response of transplanted Chernozems to carbon addition after 21 years of identical climatic, topographic and management
Ken Wall
Nitrogen fertilization of mature forage stands on saline sites
Chao Yang
Inoculation effects on nitrogen fixation in pea
Barb Sharanowski (presented by Skype)
Mobile-IPM: a cell phone app for management of pests in prairie crops
Jing Xie
N fixation and nutrient uptake of soybean, pea, and lentil in Saskatchewan, Canada
Crop Protection
Soil Biology and Fertility
Wali Soomro
Characterizing blackleg resistance in commercial canola cultivars
Les Henry
Earthworms and our ‘New’ Soils
Juan Lobo
Managing stripe rust in winter wheat in Western Canada
Sirajum Munira
Glyphosate retention and phosphorus adsorption-maximum in Prairie Soils
Gurcharn Singh Brar
Unravling fungal threads using Synchrotron light
Rory Degenhardt
Effects of Nitrapyrin on Nitrification Rates of Banded Fertilizer in Western Canada
Trisha Islam
Fungicide strategy to control pasmo disease of flax
Curtis de Gooijer
Phosphorus Placement Strategies in Canola
Ahnastasia Beniuk
The Roses of Equador
Ahmed Lasisi
Mechanisms by which perennial grasses prevent nitrate leaching
Crop Protection
Soil Fertility
Anh Tran
Temperature adaption of Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici, cause of stripe rust of wheat.
Noabur Rahman
Behaviour of added micronutrients in soil with variable management practices
Tatiana Vera
Best management practices for stripe rust of wheat in Saskatchewan, 2015
Gourango Kar
P and S fertilizer reaction products in seed-row as revealed by XANES spectroscopy
Russell Trischuk
New Advances in Pulse Fungicide Seed Treatments: Disease Control and Plant Health
Ryan Hangs
The response of wheat to rates, forms, and application method of Cu fertilizer in a range of prairie soils
Said Darras
Advancements in Seed Treatment Technology using Lumiderm
Agronomy Workshop - Pests and Pulses
Pulses: In recognition of the 2016 International Year of Pulses
Moving pulse crop breeding into the 21st century
Kirstin Bett, Professor, University of Saskatchewan, Dept. of Plant Sciences
Agronomic practices influence soil biodiversity with strong feedback to plant Growth
Yantai Gan, Alternative Crops and Cropping Systems, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Phosphorus in Pulse Production
Jeff Schoenau, Professor, University of Saskatchewan, Dept. of Soil Sciences
Could someone please drain my fields - I want to grow pulses
Sabine Banniza, Pulse Pathologist, University of Saskatchewan, Crop Development Centre
Multifaceted approaches to weed management in pulses
Eric Johnson, Research Assistant, University of Saskatchewan, Dept. of Plant Sciences

SK Insect Overview and Prairie Pest Monitoring Network
Owen Olfert, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Scott Hartley, Provincial Specialist – Insect and Vertebrate Pests, Ministry of Agriculture

Emerging insect threats of faba beans: pea leaf weevil and lygus bug
Hector Carcamo, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Beneficial insects and control of crop pests
Tyler Wist, Research Entomologist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Insecticide modes of action and implications for application, beneficials and the applicator
Adam Vaughn, Registration, Commercial Registration and Advancement Manager – E.I. duPont Canada Co.
Navigating the MRL Labyrinth – One Way In . . . Which Way Out?"
Ron Pidskalny, Strategic Vison Consulting Ltd.
Poster Presentations

Impact of N-fixing trees on soil-derived N2O emissions in semi-arid Canadian Prairie
C., Amadi, K, Van Rees; R. Farrell

Yield trend of alfalfa cultivars tested in Saskatchewan between 1997 and 2011
B. Biligetu

Stripe rust dynamics in southern Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, 2009-2014
G., Brar, B. D. McCallum, D.A. Gaudet, B. Puchalski, M. Fernandez, and H.R. Kutcher

Influence of chemical pesticides on microbial community
M. Daida, P. Daida, V. Vujanovic

Canola seed yield and phenological responses to plant density
Y. Gan, K.N. Harker, H.R. Kutcher, R.H. Gulden, B. Irvine, W.E. May, and J.T. O’Donovan,

Evaluation of key factors affecting canola productivity
Y. Gan, C. Liu, and L. Poppy

Relationships between landscape position, protein, yield and response to variable rate fertilizer in three crop rotations in south central Saskatchewan
E. Hildebrand, J. Schoenau

Adaptability of Sphaerodes mycoparasitica on anamorph and teleomorph related to its mycoparasitic-polyphagous lifestyle
S. Hwa Kim, V. Vujanovic

Promising native forage options for semi-arid prairies of western Canada   (written paper)
N. Khanal, M. Schellenberg, B. Biligetu, B. Coulman

Response to Seed-Row Placed S Fertilization
T. King, J. Schoenau, H. Ahmed, R. Hangs, S.S. Malhi and Ron Urton

Predictive Mapping of Wetlands and Wetland Soils in the Canadian Prairie Pothole Region
J. Kiss, A. Bedard-Haughn

Endophytes modulate drought tolerance in pulses by scavenging reactive oxygen species in plant cells under drought stress
V. Kumari

NEW answer to CLEAVER control in canola
M. Long, M. Gerhardt

Evaluating crop tolerance to unregistered herbicides in flax (Linum usitatissimum)
M. Petruic, C. Willenborg, E. Johnson, W. May, R. Gulden

The impact of Short Rotation Willow on soil nutrients in riparian zones of the Prairie Pothole Region
S. Shahariar, R. Soolanayakanahally, W. Schroeder, A. Bedard-Haughn

Response of seed and biomass yields of rough fescue under irrigation
I. Piche, M. Schellenberg

Testing root length bioassay for assesment of ALS-herbicide resistance in wild oat
A. Szmigielski, J. Schoenau, H. Beckie

Pre- or post-emergence management of glyphosate-resistant canola in glyphosate-resistant soybean crops
E. Tozzi, C. Willenborg

Downy Brome - Salinity Tolerance
K. Wall, M.C. Gatzke, A. Iwaasa

AC Saltlander Green Wheatgrass - Agronomy, The Effect of One-time Nitrogen Fertilizer Applications on a Severely Saline Site
K. Wall, A. Iwaasa

Detection of P forms in P fertilizer amended soils using P-31 NMR
B. Weiseth, J. Schoenau; B. Cade-Menun

Crop and soil response to phosphorus placement for wheat in south-central Saskatchewan
J. Wiens, J. Schoenau