2017 Proceedings

Day 1 Proceedings
Crop Protection 1 Soil Management
Tonima Islam
In-vitro analysis of fungicide sensitivity of Septoria linicola to pyraclostrobin and fluxapyroxad
Tom King
Surface and Subsurface Tillage Effects on Soil Strength and Crop Yield
Shankar Das
Will Big Data offer an insight to Crop Protection?
Raul Avila
Surface and Subsurface Tillage Effects on Air, Water Permeability and Soil Structure
Alanna Orsak
Using Synchrotron Spectroscopy to Understand Stripe Rust Resistance in Wheat
Kobby Awuah
Does metal mixture toxicity to soil microbes reduce ecosystem service quality?
Amy Genik
The potential for pyrafluen-ethyl to selectively control ALS-resistant kochia in lentil.
Panchali Katulanda
Soil origin and land use history determine C cycling in transplanted soils after 21 years
Jessica Slopek
Long-term effectiveness of herbicide on Bromus inermis and native plant community recovery in remnant Fescue Prairie.
Kristen Kieta
Effects of freezing and thawing on phosphorus loss from grass buffer strip species
Crop Management and Production Systems Soil Fertility 1
Ti Zhang
Predicting Canola Yield and monitering flowering using UAV-based high-throughput phenotyping
Kate Congreves
Plant, Soil, & Microbial Controls on Organic Matter and Fertility
Lindsay Wells
Desiccants on fababeans
Rory Degenhardt
A Novel High-Load Formulation of Nitrapyrin for Impregnation on Urea Fertilizer
Andrew Reddekopp
Wheat varietal response to chlormequat chloride (Manipulator)
Haben Asgedom
Net Fall Nitrogen Mineralization in the Canadian Prairies
Cecil Nagy
AgriBenchmark: Saskatchewan Canola and Wheat Comparison to World Competitors
Noabur Rahman
An overview of boron fertility in prairie soils and canola response to fertilization
Xiaomeng Wang
The effect of harvest date of black bean on germination
Les Henry
Total Phosphorus in Prairie Soils
Guest Speaker: Dr. Steve Phillips
Crop Protection 2 Soil Fertility 2
Gurcharn Brar
Virulence of stripe rust on Yr genes in Saskatchewan.
Curtis de Gooijer
Phosphorus Placement in Canola (presentation pdf)
Cassandra Schroeder
Weed competition in faba beans (Vicia faba) under weedy and weed free conditions.
Magda Rogalsky
Phosphorus and Zinc Fertilization Beneficial Management Practices for Corn in Manitoba: 2015 - 2016 Season Update
Maya Subedi
Efficacy of strobilurin fungicides on yield and milling quality traits in red lentil.Canada
Jessica Weber
Canola: Is Safe Rates of Phosphorus Changing?
Anique Josuttes
Managing Broadleaf Weeds in  X-tend® Soybean with Dicamba
Gourango Kar
Speciation of Phosphorus from Seed-Row Application of Monoammonium Phosphate With or Without Sulfur Fertilizers in Prairie Soils
Wali Muhammad Soomro
Characterizing Avr genes of Leptosphaeria maculans and resistance responses among commercial canola cultivars in western canada
Jordan Wiens
Effect of application method on fate of phosphorus fertilizer
Crop Development Crop Management
Kalli Noble
Root and shoot biomass in canola
Oleksandr Alba
The effect of mechanical weed control (rotary hoeing, harrowing and inter-row cultivation) and crop seeding rate and yield and weed suppression in organically grown pea and lentil
Sarah Hanson
Pod Shatter in Brassica napus NAM parental lines
Tram Thai
Genotype, Row Spacing and Seeding Rate Effects on Irrigated Short-Season Soybean in Southern Alberta
Jacqueline Toews
The Evaluation of Parent Plants for Alfalfa Breeding
Serena Klippenstein
Yield and Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulfur Uptake by Four Fababean Varieties at Four Sites in Saskatchewan
Teketel Haile
Comparison of Genomic Selection Models for Wheat Breeding
Mohammad Khakbazan
Effects of residual N management on economics of wheat and canola
Shaoming Huang
Construction of chromosome segment substitution lines (CSSLs) to introgress longer flowering duration into field pea cultivar CDC Amarillo.
William May
Row Spacing and Nitrogen Rate in Wheat, How Wide Can We Go?
Derek Wright
Adapting Lentils to Saskatchewan
Agronomy Workshop - Retooling the Ag Toolbox

"Agronomy: It's a Package Deal"
Emile deMilliano, Manager, Training Crop Production Services

"Legal/Ethical/Professional Aspects of the Diagnostic Process"
George Lewko, Forensic Agrologist, Inputs Management Agro. Inc.

"Crop Damage - More Than Just Herbicides"
Eric Johnson, Research Assistant, Plant Sciences, University of Saskatchewan

"Diagnostic Challenges for Insects in Field Crops"
John Gavloski, Entomologist, Manitoba Agriculture, Crops Industry Branch

"Expand Your Scouting Tool-kit with Laboratory Diagnostics"
Faye Dokken Bouchard, Manager, Crop Protection Laboratory
Government of Saskatchewan

"Sneak Preview of the Saskatchewan Soil Information System"
Angela Bedard-Haughn, Associate Professor, Soil Science, University of Saskatchewan

"Soil Testing Then and Now - So What has Changed?
Rigas Karamanos, Senior Agronomist, Koch Fertilizer Canada, ULC

"How Can Drones be Used for Crop Diagnostics?"
Steve Shirtliffe, Professor, Plant Sciences, University of Saskatchewan

Presented Posters
Microbial activities in Irrigated canola plot.
S. Akeem, B. Helgason, R. Farrell & D. Tomasiewicz

00Ar134-1, an intergeneric line of spring wheat origin.
G. Brar & P. J. Hucl

Building genetic resistance to Fusarium head blight in common and durum wheat.
G. Brar, P. K. Singh, C. J. Pozniak, H.R. Kutcher & P.J. Hucl

Secondary dormancy potential in a diverse set of Brassica napus L. lines.
C. Brown

Phosphorus mobility and availability from discharge vs recharge wetland soils.
R. Brown, A. Bedard-Haughn, D. Peak, J. Kiss & G. van der Kamp

Risks associated with the use of synthetic chemicals/pesticides on natural microbiome surrounding the wheat seeds.
M. Daida, S. Hwa Kim, S. Jarial, & V. Vujanovic

Progress on the hybridization of cultivated lentil Lens culinaris Medik. and wild species Lens tomentosus Ladizinsky. (poster pdf)
D. deSilva, C. Bandara & A. Vandenberg

Effect of foliar phosphate application on seed yield, and phosphorus content in wheat, peas, and canola.
S. Froese, J. Schoenau, T. King, C. Fatteicher, & J. Wiens

Yield response of IDC tolerant and sensitive soybean varieties to Fe fertilization in marginally Fe-deficient soils following simulated flooding.
R. Hangs & J. Schoenau

The response of two soybean varieties to Fe fertilization in an Fe-deficiency prone soil in south-central Saskatchewan.
R. Hangs & J. Schoenau

Fungicide effects on Pasmo disease and seed yield of flax.
T. Islam, C. Vera, J. Slaski, R. Mohr, K.Y. Rashid, & H.R. Kutcher

Effects of liming on soil pH and crop yield. (poster pdf)
G. Issah

The Role of Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers in Fall and Spring Nitrogen Placement.
R. Karamanos

Nitrogen availability and economic return of various crop rotations with forage and annual crops.
N. Khanal, A. Rahman & J. Otani

Different strategies of Sphaerodes mycoparasitica against plant pathogenic Fusarium spp.
S.H. Kim

Effect of Long-Term Swine Manure Application on Soil N, Plant N and Crop Yield in an East-Central Saskatchewan Black Chernozem Soil.
T. King. J. Schoenau, D. Leach & S.S. Mahli

Effect of Subsoiling on Soil Properties and Crop Yield in a Solonetzic Soil.
T. King, J. Schoenau, B. Si & M. Grevers

Predictive Mapping of Saline Wetland Soils in the Canadian Prairie Pothole Region through Landscape Analysis.
J. Kiss & A. Bedard-Haughn

Response of canola to foliar boron applied tank mixed with the first fungicide application.
G. Kruger & J. Peru

Comparison of germination response of native and introduced prairie legumes across temperatures.
S. Lim & M., Schellenberg

Green manure termination methods - effects on soil fertility and residue management.
P. Mooleki

Optimal Seeding Rates and Disease Management of Faba bean (Vicia faba L. Minor) Varieties.
J. Pratchler & S. Shirtliffe

Antagonistic effect in spring wheat of Cu and Zn fertilization under low phosphorus soil conditions.
N. Rahman & J. Schoenau

Assessment of winter harvesting’s influence on soil properties & aspen forest regeneration in Duck Mountain Provincial Park. (poster pdf)
L. Sealey & K. Van Rees

Phosphorus recovery from Key Pyrochars
D. Sun

Quantifying Crop Damage and Predicting Yield Loss due to Hail using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery.
L. Syrovy, M. Wang, S. Duddu, S. Shirtliffe & M. Zarnstorff

Importance of soil properties on pyroxasulfone field application rates. (poster pdf)
A. Szmegielski & J. Schoenau

The effectiveness of vegetative buffers for reducing phosphorous losses from agricultural runoff in northern climates.
J. Vanrobaeys, D. Lobb & P. Owens

Crop yield and uptake of nitrogen and phosphorus in a 3-year crop rotation with soybean, pea, or lentil in Saskatchewan.
J. Xie, J. Schoenau, T. Warkentin

Effect of water and clipping on aboveground productivity of four native grasses.
R. Zhang & M.P. Schellenberg