Trade Fair Guidelines

Agronomy Trade Fair was added to the venue in 2014.  The trade fair provides exposure of tools and ideas for field research and field scouting directly from your business to the key players in field agronomy. 

Guidelines for Agronomy Trade Fair

 Exhibitors will provide products or ideas for Agronomy. 


    • Field tools: meters, probes, sweep nets, insect traps or other tools that can be used by field Agronomists in research or field scouting
    • Computer technology: imagery, record keeping systems or other software or hardware for agronomy
    • Testing Services: soil testing, seed testing, and other similar services
    • Equipment: plot equipment such as tractors, seeding tools, harvesting equipment or other similar equipment
    • Reference Material: books or software for better understanding of Agronomy
    • New ideas: products that provide new ideas for the farmer and Agronomist.  These may be new pesticide technology, new fertilizer technology or new product use patterns.  This should NOT be for product ‘advertising’, but to foster new understanding.
    • Producer and Professional groups.  This is a great place to extend research and development by your organization, or to extend membership to Agronomists.
    • Contact with future employees.  This will be a  ‘hotspot’ of  undergraduate and graduate students – a great place to talk to potential future employees!
    • What is not appropriate?  You will not benefit from direct product promotion – ‘Product A Controls Weed B the Best’ or ‘Variety A Yields 10% More Than Product B’.  And we will not support sales of products not of direct value to Agronomists.

To Register, complete the online application (will open soon)  We have limited space, so please do not delay application.  All applications will be reviewed, but we cannot guarantee space for each applicant.

Please – please promote the Soils and Crops Workshop and Agronomy Trade Show to Agronomists in your business!