Cindy Feng

    Dr. Cindy Feng

    Assistant Professor

    Research areas

    • Spatial statistics and disease mapping
    • Statistical methods for survival and longitudinal data
    • Environmental and ecological statistics
    • Infectious disease surveillance
    • Functional data analysis

    Recent Grants and Awards

    • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Discovery Grant and Early Career Research Supplement. Role: Principal Applicant. Term: 2013-2018.
    • Phase Two SHRF Health Research Group Grant Safe Water for Health Research Team (SWHRT). Role: Co-investigator. Principal Applicant: Lalita Bharadwaj and Cheryl Waldner, University of Saskatchewan. Term: 2013-2016.

    Current Courses

    • Biostatistics for Public Health (PUBH 805)
    • Current Biostatistical Methods and Computer Applications (PUBH 842)

    Select Publications

    Refereed Statistical Papers
    • Feng, C.X., Dean, C.B. and Richard Reich (2013) Impact of misspecifying spatial exposures in a generalized additive modeling framework: with application to the study of the dynamics of Comandra blister rust in British Columbia. Environmetrics , 24(2), 63-80.
    • Feng, C.X. and Dean, C.B. (2012) Joint analysis of multivariate spatial count and zero-heavy count outcomes using common spatial factor models. Environmetrics, 23(6), 493-508.
    • Dean, C.B. and Feng, C.X. (2012). Discussion on the paper entitled “Clustering Random Curves under Spatial Interdependence with Application to Service Accessibility” by Hujing Jiang and Nicoleta Serban. Technometrics, 54(2), 122-123.
    • Feng, C.X., Cao, J. and Bendell-Young, L. (2011). Exploring spatial and temporal variations of Cadmium concentrations in Pacific oysters from British Columbia. Biometrics, 67, 1142-1152.
    Refereed Epidemiological and Environmental Papers
    • Deering, K.N., Lyons, T., Feng, C.X., Nosyk, B. Strathdee, S.A., Montaner, J.S.G. and Shannon, K. (2013) Client demands for unsafe sex: the socio-economic risk environment for HIV among street and off-street sex workers, JAIDS, Accepted.
    • Feng, C.X., Debeck, K., Kerr, T., Mathias, S., Montaner, J. and Wood, E. (2013) Homelessness Independently Predicts Injection Drug Use Initiation among Street-involved Youth in a Canadian setting. Journal of Adolescent Health, 52(4), 499-501.
    • Ti, L.P., Wood, E., Shannon, K., Feng, C.X., Keer, T. (2013) Police confrontations among street-involved youth in a Canadian setting. International Journal of Drug Policy, 24(1),46-51.
    • Bendell-Young, L. and Feng, C.X. (2009). Spatial and temporal variations in Cadmium concentrations and burdens in the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea Gigas) sampled from the Pacific north-west. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 58(8),1137-1143.
    Conference Proceedings:
    • Feng, C.X. and Sitter, R.R. (2008). Confidence intervals for proportions and quantiles under two-stage sampling designs: an empirical study, Proceedings of the survey methods section for Statistical Society of Canada annual meetings.
    • Piesse, A. and Feng, C.X. (2008). Using the SIMEX method to estimate temporal change for a high-scoring group, Proceedings of the Survey Methods section for Joint Statistical Meetings.