George Mutwiri

    Dr. George Mutwiri


    Research areas

    • Vaccines, adjuvants and immunotherapeutic agents
    • Vaccine formulation and delivery systems
    • Immunobiology of Toll-like receptors
    • Mucosal immunology

    Current Research

    Dr. Mutwiri's primary interest is research and development of vaccines and immunotherapeutic agents. His laboratory is currently focused on the discovery and development of novel vaccine adjuvants, and investigating their mechanisms of actions. They are also exploring various approaches to improve the efficacy of vaccines and immunotherapeutic agents through appropriate formulation and delivery. Another aspect of his current research activity is investigating how innate immune responses are regulated in the intestines, using TLR9 activation as a model.

    Recent Grants and Awards

    • G.K. Mutwiri. Intradermal immunization using microneedle arrays. Apogee Technology, Inc. 2007-09.
    • N. Eng and G.K. Mutwiri. Investigations of polyphosphazenes as adjuvants for mucosal vaccines. Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation. 2007-2009
    • G.K. Mutwiri. Regulation of innate immune responses in the intestine. NSERC Discovery. 2010-2014.
    • G.K. Mutwiri. Investigation of RNA oligoribonucleotides as Immune stimulants. Alberta Agricultural Research Institute, 2007-09.
    • L.A. Babiuk, S. van den Hurk, V. Gerdts, G. Mutwiri, P. Griebel, A. Potter, R.E. Hancock, S. Halperin, S. Lee, R.Anderson, and B. Roberts. Grand Challenges in Global Health "Linking innate and specific immunity to develop single dose vaccines for Neonates." Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 2005-2010
    • L.A. Babiuk, V. Gerdts, S. van den Hurk, G. Mutwiri and P. Griebel. Improving early childhood vaccination. Krembil Foundation. 2005-2008
    • S. Tikoo and G.K. Mutwiri. Engineering porcine adenovirus as a vaccine vector. NSERC Strategic. 2005-08

    Current Courses

    • VACC 801.3 - Vaccinology and immunotherapeutics
    • VBMS 851.3 - Inflammation and Repair
    • VBMS 828.3 - Advanced Gastrointestinal Physiology
    • VIMT 580 - Large Animal Medicine Elective

    Select Publications

    • Andrianov A., D. Decollibus, H. Gillis, H. Kha, A. Marin, M. Prausnitz, L. Babiuk, H. Townsend and GK Mutwiri. 2009. Poly[di(carboxylatophenoxy)phosphazene] is a potent adjuvant for intradermal immunization. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS), USA (In press).
    • Eng, N., S. Garlapati, K. Lai, V. Gerdts and G.K. Mutwiri. 2009. Polyphosphazenes enhance mucosal and systemic immune responses in mice immunized intranasally with influenza antigens. The open Vaccine Journal (In press).
    • Masic, A., Y. Zhou, J. Booth, G.K. Mutwiri, L.A. Babiuk and Y. Zhou. 2009. Elastase-dependant live attenuated swine influenza A viruses are immunogenic and confer protection to swine influenza infection in pigs. Journal of Virology 83: 10198-210.
    • Mutwiri, G.K., S. van den Hurk and L.A. Babiuk. 2009. Approaches to enhancing the immune responses stimulated by CpG oligodeoxynucleotides. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 61: 226-32.
    • Brownlie, R., J. Zhu, B. Allan, G.K. Mutwiri, L.A. Babiuk, A. Potter and P. Griebel. 2009. Chicken TLR21 acts as a functional homologue to mammalian TLR9 in the recognition of CpG oligodeoxynucleotides. Molecular Immunology 46: 3163-70.
    • Dar, A., A. Potter, S. Tikoo, V. Gerdts, K. Lai, L.A. Babiuk and G.K. Mutwiri. 2009. CpG-ODN activate innate immune responses that suppresses infectious bronchitis virus replication in chicken embryos. Avian Diseases 53: 261-67.
    • Booth, J., P. Griebel, L.A. Babiuk and G.K. Mutwiri. 2009. A novel regulatory B cell population in sheep Peyer's patches spontaneously secretes IL-10 and down-regulates TLR9-induced IFN-α responses. Mucosal Immunology 2: 265-76.
    • Dar, A., B. Allan, S. Gomis, A. Potter and G.K. Mutwiri. 2009. Immunotherapeutic potential of CpG oligonucleotides in chickens. The Journal of Poultry Science 46: 69-80.
    • Griebel, P., L.A. Babiuk, G.K. Mutwiri, J. Armstrong and F. Gaertner. 2009. Amended recombinant cells (ARCsTM) expressing bovine IFNγ: An economical and highly effective adjuvant system. Vaccine 27: 1377-85.
    • Garlapati, S., M. Facci, M. Polewicz, S. Strom, L.A. Babiuk, G. Mutwiri, R.E. Hancock, M. Elliot and V. Gerdts. 2009. Strategies to link innate and adaptive immunity when designing vaccine adjuvants. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, 128: 184-91.