Research Interests

Dr. Lalita Bharadwaj

Dr. Lalita Bharadwaj    Barriers and Key Issues to the Access of Safe and Sustainable Drinking Water Sources in First Nations Communities; Community Based Participatory Research with Indigenous Communities; Human and Environmental Health Risk Assessment; Community-Based Education

Dr. Yelena Bird

Dr. Yelena Bird Smoking cessation policy; Domestic violence prevention; Environmental health; Women's health
Dr. Crizzle Dr. Alexamder Crizzle

Gerontology, Community mobility (urban and rural; retirement and LTC homes), Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative/neurological diseases (e.g. dementia, stroke, TBI, epilepsy), Fall Prevention, Driving Assessment and Rehabilitation (on-road assessment, driving simulators), Program and Policy Evaluation

Dr. Marwa Farag Dr. Marwa Farag Health policy; health economics; health care financing in developing countries; health program evaluation; macroeconomics and health

Cindy Feng

Dr. Cindy Xin Feng Spatial statistics and disease mapping; Statistical methods for survival and longitudinal data; Environmental and ecological statistics; Infectious disease surveillance; Functional data analysis

Dr. Philip Griebel

Dr. Philip Griebel Developmental immunology; Comparative immunology; Mucosal immunology; Innate immunity; Vaccine delivery
Dr. Rein Lepnurm Dr. Rein Lepnurm Health care policy and strategy; Medical care organization; Entrepreneurship
Dr. Janice MacKinnon Dr. Janice MacKinnon Fiscal policy; Health policy; federal-provincial relations
Dr. John Moraros Dr. John Moraros Cancer epidemiology in minority populations; Cancer prevention through lifestyle change, such as dietary practices and smoking behavior; Cancer screening practices; Health disparities; Aboriginal health; Immigrant and refugee health; Intimate partner violence; STI and HIV/AIDS; Alcohol and drug abuse
Dr. George Mutwiri Dr. George Mutwiri Vaccines, adjuvants and immunotherapeutic agents ; Vaccine formulation and delivery systems; Immunobiology of Toll-like receptors; Mucosal immunology
Dr. Michael Szafron Dr. Michael Szafron Monte Carlo simulations; Statistical methods associated with Monte Carlo data; Computational biomodelling of the structure/function of biopolymers ; Statistical methods for the health sciences including survey data
Suresh Tikoo Dr. Suresh Tikoo Molecular virology; Viral pathogenesis; Virus-host interactions; Vaccinology; Mucosal immunization; Viral vectors; Dendritic cell vaccines