Janice MacKinnon

    Dr. Janice MacKinnon


    Research areas

    • Fiscal policy
    • Health policy
    • Federal-provincial relations

    Recent Grants and Awards

    • Saskatchewan Order of Merit, 2011
    • J. MacKinnon. "Fiscal Policy and Social Policy", Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. 2002-07

    Current Courses

    • PUBP 802.3 - Fiscal Policy and Federal-Provincial Relations

    Select Publications

    • J. MacKinnon (2003). Minding the Public Purse: The Fiscal Crisis, Political Trade-Offs, and Canada's Future, McGill-Queen's University Press.
    • J. Potter-MacKinnon (2003). While the Women Only Wept: Loyalist Refugee Women in Eastern Ontario, McGill-Queen's University Press.
    • J. Potter (1983). The Liberty We Seek: Loyalist Ideology in Colonial New York and Massachusetts, Harvard University Press.