Robert Buckingham

    Dr. Robert Buckingham


    Research areas

    • Hospice care
    • Global public health
    • HIV/AIDS in South East Asia and Central America

    Recent Grants and Awards

    • 2005-2006 - College of Health and Social Services Faculty Research Award. For best research publication in the Department of Health Science.
    • 1995-1997 - U.S.-Mexico Border Health Collaborative Outreach Demonstration Project, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Demonstrates several outreach methodologies at the border, with a view to establishing priorities for future funding by the Health Services and Resources Administration of the Public Health Service in the Southwest. $7.2million
    • 1992 - Collegiate Athletic Management Award. For developing a state and national model prevention program to address the issues of sexism, sexual harassment and sexual violence on U.S. campuses.
    • 1991 - Ivanosky Prize for Humanitarian Medicine awarded by the Russian American Institute of Health
    • 1979-1980 - Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Administration for Public Services. A grant to examine levels and types of social services provided by 20 different hospice programs in the U.S. $9million
    • 1974-1977 - National Cancer Institute, Washington, D.C. A grant to evaluate hospice services within the framework of home care at the Connecticut Hospice in New Haven. $5.5million
    • 1974-1975 - Kellogg Fellowship, Yale School of Medicine

    Select Publications

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      • R. Buckingham. The Hospice Care Handbook. Prometheus Books, Buffalo, NY (1996)
      • R. Buckingham. When Living Alone Means Living at Risk: A Guide for Caregivers and Families. Prometheus Books, Buffalo, NY (1994)
      • R. Buckingham. Among Friends; Hospice Care for the Person with AIDS. Prometheus Books, Buffalo, NY (1992)
    • R. Buckingham, S. Huggard. Coping With Grief. Rosen Books, New York, NY (1991)
    • R. Buckingham. Care of the Dying Child. Continuum Books, New York, NY (1984)
    • R. Buckingham. The Complete Guide to Home Health Care. Continuum Books, New York, NY (1984)
    • R. Buckingham. The Complete Hospice Guide. Harper and Row, New York, NY (1983)
    • R. Buckingham. A Special Kind of Love; Care of the Dying Child. Continuum Books, New York, NY (1983)
    • R. Buckingham, S. Lack. First American Hospice. Van Dyke Press, North Haven, CT (1978)


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