Suresh Tikoo

    Dr. Suresh Tikoo


    Research areas

    • Molecular virology
    • Viral pathogenesis
    • Virus-host interactions
    • Vaccinology
    • Mucosal immunization
    • Viral vectors
    • Dendritic cell vaccines

    Current Research

    • Our studies are focused on understanding how DNA viruses including non human adenoviruses interact with host and produce progeny virions. A major focus of the laboratory is to develop and use non human adenoviruses for vaccination of animals and humans. My current areas of research include:
    • Molecular characterization of non human adenoviruses
    • Non human adenovirus as a vaccine delivery vector
    • Targeted animal adenovirus
    • Adenovirus DNA packaging
    • Protein-Protein interactions
    • Role of structural \ non structural proteins in viral replication

    Recent Grants and Awards

    • NSERC STRATEGIC GRANT - 2006-2009 (PI)
    • NSERC CRD GRANT - 2007-2010 (Co-PI)
    • NSERC DISCOVERY GRANT - 2007-2012 (PI)
    • SADF - 2008-2011(PI)
    • SCIDF - 2008-2011(PI)
    • FCA - 2006-2009(Co-PI)
    • SHRF Team grant “RAPID” - 2008-2013 (Member)

    Current Courses

    • VACC 801.3 – Vaccinology & Immunotherapeutics (Team taught course)
    • VTMC 833.3 – Advanced Virology (Team taught course)
    • VTMC 830.3 – Recent Advances in Microbiology (Team Taught course)

    Select Publications

    • Kulshrestha, V., and S. K. Tikoo*. (2008). Interaction of bovine adenovirus-3 33K with other viral proteins. Virology (In Press).
    • Zhou, Y., A. Ficyzcy, and S. K. Tikoo*.2007. Porcine adenovirus type 3 E1Blarge protein down regulates the induction of-8. Virology J. 4:60.
    • Z. Akin, C. Paterson, A. Patel, S. Kumar, V. Kulshrestha, I. Badea and S. K. Tikoo*. 2007. Targeted Adenovirus vector for Cancer gene Therapy. In “Recent Research Developments in Gene Therapy” Ed by Jim Xiang.
    • A. Zakhartchouk Wu, Q, , S. K. Tikoo*. 2006. Construction of capsid modified bovine adenovirus type 3. In “Adenovirus Method s & Protocols”. 2nd ed. Vol 1, pp91-106. Ed: Wold, W. and Tollefson, A. Humana Press, Totowa, New Jersey.
    • Zakhartchouk, A. N., W. Connors and S. K. Tikoo*. 2004. Bovine adenovirus type 3 containing heterologous protein in the C-terminus of minor capsid protein pIX. Virology 320:291-300
    • Wu, Q, and S. K. Tikoo*.2004. Altered tropism of bovine adenovirus 3 expressing chimeric fiber. Virus Res. 99:11-17.
    • Xing L., and S. K. Tikoo*. 2003. Characterization of cis- acting sequences involved in packaging of porcine adenovirus type 3 DNA. Virology 314:650-661.
    • Baxi, M. K., D. Dereget, J. Robertson, L. A. Babiuk, T. Schlapp and S. K. Tikoo*. 2000. Recombinant bovine adenovirus type 3 expressing bovine viral diarrhea virus glycoprotein E2 induces an immune response in cotton rats. Virology 278:234-243.
    • Zakhartchouk, A. N., C. Pyne, G. Mutwiri, Z. Papp, M. E. Baca-Estrada, P. Griebel, L. A. Babiuk, and S. K. Tikoo* 1999. Mucosal immunization of calves with recombinant bovine adenovirus-3: Induction of protective immunity to bovine herpesvirus-1. J.Gen. Virol. 80: 1263-1269.
    • Reddy, P. S., N. Idamakanti, A. N., Zakhartchouk, M. K. Baxi, J. B. Lee, C. Pyne, L. A. Babiuk, and S. K. Tikoo*. 1998. Nucleotide sequence, genomic organization and transcriptional map of bovine adenovirus-3. J. Virol. 72:1394-1402.