Colleen Dell

    Dr. Colleen Dell

    Associate Professor

    Research areas

    • Substance use and abuse
    • Addictions
    • Self-harm
    • Aboriginal women's health
    • Solvent abuse
    • Treatment and healing
    • Women's programming
    • Equine therapy
    • Criminalization
    • Program Evaluation

    Current Research

    • Dr. Dell’s research is grounded in a community-based participatory approach, and through which the findings are naturally translated into action. Her currently funded research projects focus on the relationship between identity and healing from drug addiction, substance abuse programming, self-harm, equine therapy, program evaluation and the connection between youth resiliency and inhalant abuse. Her research areas are specific to First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples, drug using populations, and criminalized women.

    Current Courses

    • PUBH 847 – Studies in Addictions

    Recent Grants and Awards

    • 2010, May, YWCA Women of Distinction Award, Research, Science and Technology category, with S. Acoose.
    • 2010, April, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, Phase II Team Grant - Saskatchewan Team for Research and Evaluation of Addictions Treatment and Mental Health Services, Co-Principal Investigator.
    • 2010, June, Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Research - Horse as Healer: Treating Volatile Solvent Abuse through Equine Assisted Learning, Co-Principal Investigator.
    • 2010, September, CIHR - Network Environments for Aboriginal Health Research, Co-Investigator.
    • 2008 March, SSHRC, International Opportunities Fund – Treating Volatile Solvent Abuse Among Indigenous Youth, Principal Investigator
    • 2008 March, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, New Emerging Team Grant HIV/AIDS CBR Program-Operating Grants (Aboriginal) – The Impacts of HIV and Stigma among Aboriginal Peoples Seeking Alcohol Abuse Treatment in Canada, Co-Principal Investigator

    Select Publications

    • C. Dell, D. Chalmers, N. Bresette, S. Swain, D. Rankin, C. Hopkins (2011). “Creating Healing Spaces: The Experiences of First Nations and Inuit Youth with Equine-Assisted Learning”. Child and Youth Care Forum. On-line: DOI 10.1007/s10566-011-9140-z 
    • C. Dell, M. Seguin, C. Hopkins, R. Tempier, R. Duncan, D. Dell, L. Mehl-Madrona, K. Mosier (2011). “From Benzos to Berries: How Treatment Offered at an Aboriginal Youth Solvent Abuse Treatment Centre Highlights the Important Role of Culture”. In Review Series. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. 56(2), pp. 75-83.
    • C. Dell, T. Lyons, K. Cayer (2010). “The Role of ‘Kijigabandan’ and ‘Manadjitowin’ in Understanding Harm Reduction Policies and Programs for Aboriginal  Peoples”.  Native Social Work Journal.  7, pp. 109-138.
    • V. Desjarlais, C. Dell, J. Kilty (2010). “This is Who I Am: Aboriginal Women’s Healing from Criminalization and Problematic Drug Use”. Journal of Prisoners on Prison. 20(1), pp. 58-71.
    • C. Dell, J. Kilty, C. Fillmore, S. Grantham, T. Lyons, S. Clarke, C. Hopkins (2010). “Turtle Finding Fact Sheet: The Role of the Treatment Provider in Aboriginal Women’s Healing from Illicit Drug Abuse”. On-line:
    • B. Eshrati, R. Taghizadeh Asl, C. Dell, P. Afshar, P. Millson, M. Kamali, J. Weekes. 2008.  “Preventing HIV Transmission Among Iranian Prisoners: Support for Providing Education on the Benefits of Harm Reduction Practices”. Harm Reduction Journal. 5:21. On-line