Emily Jenkins

    Dr. Emily Jenkins

    Assistant Professor

    Research areas

    • Zoonoses (diseases that transmit between animals and people) in northwestern Canada, including environmentally-transmitted (Echinococcus, Baylisascaris, and Giardia), vector-borne (West Nile virus), rodent-borne (Hanta virus, plague), and food-borne diseases (Toxoplasma)
    • Climate and landscape change and the ecology of zoonoses with wildlife reservoirs in northwestern Canada
    • Indigenous health and country food safety and security in Canada's North

    Current Research

    Graduate student opportunities are currently available for the following projects:
    • Hydatid disease and other zoonotic parasites in northwestern Canada
    • Landscape and climate drivers of rodents and their pathogens in southern SK
    • Toxoplasmosis in wildlife and country foods in northwestern Canada
    • Climate change and the landscape ecology of West Nile virus in the Canadian Prairies

    Students in this research program will gain experience in fieldwork and veterinary service clinics and outreach in northern and indigenous communities, molecular and traditional parasitological laboratory techniques, and epidemiological analyses.  Students will work independently and as part of larger teams composed of veterinarians, physicians, parasitologists, molecular ecologists, and wildlife biologists from academic institutions, federal departments (Environment Canada, Parks Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Public Health Agency of Canada, United States Department of Agriculture), provincial (BC, AB, SK) and territorial (NT and NU) wildlife agencies, the Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre, and members of indigenous communities and hunting and trapping organizations.

    Current Courses

    • VTMC 340 - Veterinary Public Health

    Recent Grants and Awards

    • E. Jenkins. Diagnostic tools for understanding the ecology of hydatid disease in indigenous communities in north-central Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation New Investigator Establishment and Equipment Awards, 2009-2011
    • T. Epp and E. Jenkins.  Surveillance methods for West Nile virus in the prairie provinces. Pilot Infectious Disease Impact and Response Systems Program, Public Health Agency of Canada, 2009-2011
    • J. Hoopes and E. Jenkins.  Risk of parasitic zoonoses in free-roaming cat populations in southern Saskatchewan.  WCVM Interprovincial Undergraduate Student Research Fellowship, May-Aug 2009.

    Select Publications

    • Himsworth, C.G., E.J. Jenkins, J. Hill, M. Nsungu, M. Ndao, R.C. Andrew Thompson, C. Covacin, A. McConnell, F.A. Leighton, and S. Skinner.   Emergence of sylvatic Echinococcus granulosus as a parasitic zoonosis of public health concern in an indigenous Canadian community.  Submitted to American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Oct 2009.
    • Pasick, J., Y. Berhane, H. Kehler, T. Hisanaga,  J. Robinson, D. Ojkic, F. Kibenge, M. Fortin, R. King, A. Hamel, D. Spiro, J. Parmley, C. Soos, E. Jenkins, A. Breault, D. Caswell, C. Davies, J. Rodrigue, K. McAloney,  and F. Leighton. Survey of influenza A viruses circulating in wild birds in Canada 2005 to 2007.  Accepted Oct 2009, Avian Diseases.
    • Kutz, S.J., E.J. Jenkins, A.M. Veitch, J. Ducrocq, L. Polley, B. Elkin, and S. Lair.  2009. The Arctic as a model for anticipating, preventing, and mitigating climate change impacts on host-parasite interactions. Veterinary Parasitology 163: 217-228.
    • Hoberg, E.P., L. Polley, E.J. Jenkins, and S.J. Kutz.  2008.  Pathogens of domestic and free-ranging ungulates: global climate change in temperate and boreal latitudes across North America. Revue Scientifique et Technique de l'Organisation Mondiale de la Sante Animale 27: 511-528.
    • Hoberg, E.P., L. Polley, E.J. Jenkins*, S.J. Kutz, A.M. Veitch, and B.T. Elkin.  2008.  Integrated approaches and empirical models for investigation of parasitic diseases in northern wildlife.  Emerging Infectious Diseases 14: 10-17.
    • Jenkins, E.J., A.M. Veitch, S.J. Kutz, E.P. Hoberg, and L. Polley.  2006.  Climate change and the epidemiology of protostrongylid nematodes in northern ecosystems: Parelaphostrongylus odocoilei and Protostrongylus stilesi in Dall's sheep (Ovis d. dalli).  Parasitology 132: 387-401.
    • Jenkins, E.J., G.D. Appleyard, E.P. Hoberg, B.M. Rosenthal, S.J. Kutz, A.M. Veitch, H.M. Schwantje, B.T. Elkin, and L. Polley.  2005.  Geographic distribution of the muscle-dwelling nematode Parelaphostrongylus odocoilei in North America, using molecular identification of first-stage larvae.  Journal of Parasitology 91: 574-584.
    • Bradley, M.J., S.J. Kutz, E. Jenkins, T.M. O'Hara.  2005. The potential impact of climate change on infectious diseases of Arctic fauna.  International Journal of Circumpolar Health 64: 468-477.