Tasha Epp

    Dr. Tasha Epp

    Associate Professor

    Research areas

    • Zoonotic diseases
    • Public health
    • Epidemiology

    Current Research

    • Epidemiology of West Nile virus in Saskatchewan. This research has evolved to include landscape epidemiology and modelling, with specific involvement with Saskatchewan Health and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

    Current Courses

    • VLAC 840.3 – Zoonoses and Food Safety

    Recent Grants and Awards

    • T. Epp, Epidemiological studies of Anthrax in Saskatchewan in 2006. Collaborative research project (3 year) with Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Approximately $40,000 per year, in kind contribution, 2007.

    Select Publications

    • T. Epp, C. Waldner, K. West and H. Townsend, 2007. Factors associated with West Nile virus disease fatalities in horses. Canadian Veterinary Journal, 48: 1137-1145.
    • T. Epp, C. Waldner and H.G.G. Townsend, 2007. A case control study of factors associated with development of clinical disease due to West Nile virus, Saskatchewan, 2003. Equine Veterinary Journal, 39(6): 496-503.
    • T. Epp, C. Waldner, F.A. Leighton, O. Berke, H.G.G. Townsend, 2007. Seroprevalence and risk factors for infection with West Nile virus in Saskatchewan horses, 2003. Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research, 71(4): 256-263.
    • R. Corrigan, C. Waldner, T. Epp, J. Wright, S. Whitehead, H. Bangura, E Young and H. Townsend, 2006. Prediction of human cases of West Nile virus by equine cases, Saskatchewan, Canada, 2003. Preventative Veterinary Medicine, 76: 263-272.
    • R. Mainer-Jaime, P. Litgh-Pereira, T. Epp and C. Waldner, 2005. The application of spatial analysis tools in small-ruminant brucellosis eradication programs in Northern Spain. International Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine, 3(3): 179-188.