Leadership and Staff


George Mutwiri
Interim Executive Director
Professor, School of Public Health
Program Manager and Senior Scientist, VIDO - InterVac
Email: george.mutwiri@usask.ca

Suresh Tikoo

Suresh Tikoo
Interim Associate Executive Director
Vaccinology and Immunotherapeutics Program Director and Professor, School of Public Health
VIDO-InterVac Research Fellow
Adjunct Professor, Department of Veterinary Microbiology
Email: suresh.tik@usask.ca 

Lalita Bharadwaj

Lalita Bharadwaj
Acting Program Director, Master of Public Health
Associate Professor, School of Public Health
Email: lalita.bharadwaj@usask.ca


Carl D'Arcy
Epidemiology Program Director
Professor, School of Public Health
Professor and Director of Applied Research, Psychiatry, College of Medicine
Academic Director, Saskatchewan Research Data Centre (SKY-RDC)
Email: carl.darcy@usask.ca

Michael Szafron

Michael Szafron
Acting Director, Collaborative Program in Biostatistcs

Practicum Coordinator and Assistant Professor, School of Public Health
email: michael.szafron@usask.ca

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Cat Bonner
Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director
Email: cat.bonner@usask.ca 
Phone: (306) 966-8544

Barb Smith
Finance Officer
Email: b.smith@usask.ca
Phone: (306) 966-1608

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Marylin Rana
Thesis Program Admininistrative Assistant
Email: marylin.rana@usask.ca 
Phone: (306) 966-1649
Fax: (306) 966-2264

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Susan Mason
MPH Program Assistant
Email: susan.mason@usask.ca
Phone: (306)966-2296


Karen Ruston
MPH Practicum Assistant
Email: karen.ruston@usask.ca 
Phone: (306) 966-2675