Master of Public Health Distance (Online) Program

The Master of Public Health (MPH) Distance program online trains public health professionals to measure, assess and manage increasingly complex population and public health issues. It offers graduate students integrated learning opportunities in the five core disciplines of public health:

  1. Biostatistics - Collection, storage, retrieval, analysis and interpretation of health data; design and analysis of health-related surveys and experiments; and concepts and practice of statistical data analysis.
  2. Epidemiology - Distributions and determinants of disease, disabilities and death in human and animal populations; the characteristics and dynamics of populations; the natural history of disease; and the biological basis of health.
  3. Environmental Health Sciences - Environmental factors, including biological, physical and chemical factors that affect the health of a community.
  4. Health Services Administration - Development, organization, administration, management, evaluation and policy analysis of health programs.
  5. Social and Behavioural Sciences - Concepts and methods of social and behavioural sciences relevant to the identification and the solution of public health problems.

As one of only a few universities across Canada to offer an online MPH program, the U of S School of Public Health is now able to reach out into Aboriginal, remote and rural communities in the province and across North America. Not only will this program assist in addressing ongoing public health needs by providing students with accessible learning opportunities, but it will also help to build public health capacity within these communities so they are better able to meet the needs of their populations

Distance students will be required to take PUBH 804 - Foundations of Public Health on campus at the University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, SK, Canada) during an intensive three-week summer school at the beginning of their program. PUBH 840 - Interdisciplinary Public Health Practice will be taken at the end of your program.

The remaining courses may be taken online during the fall and winter terms or on campus during the annual summer school. The program will require three to five years to complete.

Download MPH Distance Program (online) factsheet.

For more information regarding our Admission Process, Tuition, Practicum Opportunities and Career Path, please visit our Master of Public Health Program page.

NOTE: For those applicants wishing to be considered for this option, please indicate this in your Letter of Intent.