Admission Qualifications

Admission Requirements

All applicants will need to meet the University of Saskatchewan's Graduate Studies requirements with regards to entry into the School of Public Health's program. Therefore, applicants are required to have at least a 70% average in the last 60 credit units of their previous programs for entry into the Vaccinology and Immunotherapeutics Program as an MA or MSc student, and at least an 80% in the last 60 credit units of their previous programs for entry as a PhD student. It is also strongly recommended that students hold a bachelor's or higher degree in health sciences, life sciences, social sciences, or commerce, and have successfully completed an undergraduate statistics course. An admission interview may also be carried out prior to entry into the program. For more information on the University of Saskatchewan's graduate studies requirements, please visit the College of Graduate Studies and Research.

English Proficiency

Applicants must also show promise of ability to pursue advanced study and research and evidence of proficiency in English. Applicants who are not native English speakers, or who have not completed their most recent post-secondary program in an English-speaking country must provide evidence of English proficiency. For more information on language proficiency requirements please visit

For More Information

For more information, see the College Graduate Studies and Research website at for: