Vaccinology and Immunotherapeutics Program

The Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in the Vaccinology and Immunotherapeutics Program prepare individuals for domestic and international careers in a variety of sectors, including the public, not-for-profit and private health sectors of the economy, in academia, or in industrial settings. The program combines interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary academic learning with opportunities to gain practical experience under the mentorship of a team of experts. The Vaccinology and Immunotherapeutics Program offer graduates integrated learning opportunities distinct to three main streams:

  1. Scientific Bases - Basic biology of vaccine/immunologic development.
  2. Design and Production - Manufacturing and production of these agents.
  3. Social and Public Health Issues - Socio-legal issues related to vaccination and use of other immunotherapeutics.

Students enrolled in the Vaccinology and Immunotherapeutics Program will receive exposure to academic and industry mindsets, and may interact directly with commercial companies. They will become familiar with confidentiality agreements, patents, research planning, Gantt charts, and the importance of achieving set milestones. Thus students choosing to enter academia will already have the tools to establish and maintain relationships with industry and to participate in university–industry-type programs.  

MA and MSc students are required to complete a minimum of nine credit units and PhD students a minimum of 12 credit units of graduate courses. However, depending on each student’s background and needs, these credit unit requirements could be increased. Since the degrees arising from this program are research thesis-based, students must also enrol in a research course and are required to present a seminar on their research project (on an annual basis). Students are also expected to attend weekly Vaccinology and Immunotherapeutics Seminars.

Download program factsheet.