Graduate Student Awards

School of Public Health

The School of Public Health has a number of scholarships for students enrolled in its graduate programs. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit.

College of Graduate Studies and Research

Through the College of Graduate Studies and Research, the University of Saskatchewan offers a wide range of awards and scholarships to help students succeed in their programs.  Click here for information on the dean's scholarship program and other financial awards offered by the College of Graduate Studies and Research. Students should also discuss with their faculty advisors the opportunities that exist to apply for Tri-Council funding or other external awards.

Western Regional Training Program

The Western Regional Training Centre for Health Services Research (WRTC) is an innovative and collaborative program designed to support the training of applied health services researchers across disciplines, sectors, and institutions, and equip them to address the research needs of a wide range of health-care policy makers. 

Students may receive support from the WRTC for a total period of up to 2 years.  A second year of funding is at the sole discretion of the WRTC Admissions Committee.  To be eligible for a second year of funding, students must submit a progress report to the WRTC. Students must be judged to have fulfilled all training requirements (training requirements found on website) to be awarded further funding.

Click here for more information about the program and for definitions of full and affiliate student status. 

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