Saskatoon Regional Science Fair


Saskatoon Regional Science Fair

April 10, 2015

Education Building, University of Saskatchewan


Who are we?

The Saskatoon Regional Science Fair provides an opportunity for our burgeoning young scientists to display their scientific achievements to Saskatoon and the surrounding community. Each year, students gather to exhibit their experiments, compete for prizes, and vie for a chance to represent the Saskatoon Region at the Canada Wide Science Fair.

2015 Results

Saskatoon Regional Science Fair 2015 is now complete! Many interesting and exciting projects were exhibited at the fair, and four students were awarded travel grants to attend the Canada-Wide Science Fair from May 14-16, 2015 in Fredericton, NB. Many other prizes were also awarded. For the full list of prize winners, click here.

Interested in helping out?

Do you love science? Are you interested in being a member of the organizing committee for the 2015 Saskatoon Regional Science Fair? If so, contact us. We are particularly interested in finding someone with experience in graphic design to help us develop and refine pamphlets, posters, and other promotional materials.