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Guidelines & Operating Principles

The following principles are intended to guide the development of policy and procedures for the operation, maintenance and use of instruments managed by the SSSC.

  1. Major instruments and suites of instruments will be managed in accord with the research needs of the users of these instruments. Policy and procedures will be developed in consultation with the users groups.
  2. The major objective of the SSSC with respect to the operation and maintenance of the major instruments and suite of instruments are:
    • to ensure the efficient, effective and safe use of the instruments;
    • to ensure that instruments operate to specifications and when they suffer down time they are repaired as soon as possible;
    • to ensure that instruments are accessed only by trained, competent operators, and to ensure that training is provided to potential operators as appropriate;
    • to ensure that sufficient funds are available to cover foreseeable operating costs of instruments;
    • to provide a mechanism to keep instruments up-to-date.
  3. The administrative procedure put into place to achieve these objectives should be as simple as possible.

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