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Preparation For Visting Our Labs

Thank you for your interest in the Saskatchewan Structural Sciences Centre. Before coming into our labs, you should make sure you've completed our five point check list.

  1. You have completed all necessary laboratory training. Laboratory training can be registered for here
  2. You've completed the SSSC trainee registration form before coming into the lab.
  3. You are able to log onto your Evolution account. Scheduling instrument time and accessing instrument software requires that you have an evolution account.
  4. You have read and understood all necessary information on how to operate your scheduled instrument.
  5. You have reviewed all applicable safety information for each laboratory you plan on visiting.

In addition to the check list, all new users to the SSSC will be trained on the appropriate instrument by one of our professionals before allowed to start any research of their own.

Facility Rates

The rates charged to academic researchers pursuing academic research are given below. Academic researchers conducting industrial projects should discuss with the SSSC management to determine whether their project is classified as academic or industrial before developing their budget.
For industry and government rates, please contact Ramaswami Sammynaiken

Instrument Name
Academic *

* Facility rates are reviewed yearly

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