Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometer is defined as an instrument that analyzes ions according to their mass to charge ratio (M/Z). This technique can be used to determine the mass, structure and relative abundance of ionized compounds. The SSSC uses a QSTAR XL Hybrid LC/MS/MS System and a JEOL JMS-T100GCv AccuTOF-GCv4G system.

JEOL JMS-T100GCv AccuTOF-GCv4G Mass Spectrometer

The JEOL mass spectrometer is a High Performance Gas Chromatograph – Time –of-Flight Mass Spectrometer. It has an Agilent 7890A Gas Chromatograph with an auto sampler, an EI only source and an EI/FI combination source that is capable of FD. Samples can be introduced into the mass spectrometer by GC or by an insertion probe. FI/FD is a soft ionization technique is ideal for determination of molecular mass since it results in little or no fragmentation. The FI mode can be used for volatile samples that fragment easily with EI or CI and the FD mode is ideal for samples that are non-volatile and thermally labile. The high resolution and high mass accuracy makes it possible measure exact mass and to determine elemental composition.


Mass Accuracy 1.5 mDa or 4pm(r.m.s.)
Mass Resolution R= 8000(m/z 617)
Sensitivity S/N = 100(OFN 1pg)
Data Recording Speed Up to 50 spectra/s
Mass Range m/z 4 to 5000 Da

More Information

A work station using the Shader System software is available for stand-alone analysis of the data.


Applied Biosystems /MDS Sciex QSTAR XL LC/MS/MS TOF Mass Spectrometer

QSTAR Xl LC/MS/MS mass spectrometer is a quadrupole / time of flight mass spectrometer with an ESI source. This high resolution MS/MS is has the capability for exact mass measurement. Samples are introduced into the mass spectrometer either by infusion or using an Agilent 1100 LC system. Also available is an Agilent 1260 Nano LC system that the samples can be analyzed with a Nanospray source.

The BioAnalyst software is useful for peptide and protein analysis.


Mass Analyzer Quadrupole time-of–flight (Q-TOF)
Ion Sources Turbo spray
Nanospray source
Ion Polarity Positive and Negative modes
Mass Range 20 to 40,000 Da
Resolution R≥8,000
Mass Accuracy ± 10ppm