Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Spectrometer

Microwave X-band solid state bridge, 200 mW leveled source output, AFC stability of 10-6, automatic AFC gain control, 4 mHz AFC dynamic range, 1dB attenuation with .5 dB precision, 60 db max attenuation. Ten inch magnet and 2.7 kW power supply with Hall Field Controller of operating range 100G-18kG. Field accuracy of better than 800 mG over the full operating range, sweep with setting in 100 mG steps and resolution of 2 mG. Automated tuning and cavity matching. Automatic calibration of phase and amplitude for any frequency in the specified frequency range, phase resolution of 0.1 degrees, first and second harmonic.

Accessories include high sensitivity cavity (ER 4119 HS), Aqua X cell, electrochemistry, photochemistry and complete liquid helium/ liquid Nitrogen low temperature accessory (3.8-300K) - helium cryostat with digital helium control unit, flow meter.

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