Laser Microscopy

Laser system 1, Manufacturer: Coherent, Inc.

Optical Pumping of Ti:Sapphire Laser Verdi

Wavelength:532 nm
Output power:10 watts (CW)
Beam diameter:2.25 mm
Polarization:>100: 1 Vertical

Ti:Sapphire Laser Mira 900-D

Wavelength tuning range:700 - 980 nm
Output power:1.3 watts
Beam diameter:0.8 mm
Repetition rate:76 MHz
Pulse length:< 2 ps and < 130 fs
Optima system for monitoring and control of laser

Ti:Sapphire Laser pulse repetition rate control Pulse-Picker 9200

Repetition rate:9.5 kHz to 4.75 MHz (variable)
Contrast ratio:> 500:1
For picosecond and femtosecond input pulses

Harmonic Generator Mira 9300

Wavelength tuning range:240 - 320 nm (THG); 350 - 500 nm (SHG)
Conversion efficiency:10-15% (SHG); 2-4% (THG); (of pump source)
Polarization:Vertical (SHG); Horizontal (THG)

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Laser system 2, Manufacturer: Coherent, Inc.

Ti:Sapphire Laser Regenerative Amplifer RegA 9000

Pulsewidth:< 160 fs (< 225 fs ac)
Beam diameter:3 mm nominal

Optical Parametric Amplifier OPA 9400

Repetition rate:250 kHz
Pulse energy:80 nJ
Average power:20 mW
Signal output:480 - 700 nm
Pulsewidth:< 225 fs AC

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Laser system 3, Manufacturer: Coherent, Inc.

NdYag Antares, model 76-s

Wavelengths:1064 nm, 532 nm
Average power:20 watts (1064nm); 2 watts (532nm)

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Laser system 4, Manufacturer: Spectra-Physics

Ar ion, Model 2030-15

Wavelength lines (single):454.5, 457.9, 465.8, 472.7, 476.5,
488.0, 496.5, 501.7, 514.5, 528.7 nm
Power output:15 watts (457.9-514.5 nm); 1.5 (333.6-363.8 nm);
Beam diameter at 1/e2:0.60 to 6.50 watts depending on single line selected
Signal output:1.65 mm
Polarization:> 100: 1 Vertical

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Laser system 5, Manufacturer: Spectra-Physics

NdYag Model 3800S

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Laser system 6, Manufacturer: Lumonics

Excimer (XeCl), HyperEX-400, model HE-420

Wavelength:308 nm
Maximum pulse energy:450 mJ
Maximum average power:30 watts
Beam cross-section:20 mm 30 mm
Maximum repetition rate:80 Hz
Pulse length:30 - 40 ns

Dye laser, HyperDye-300

Wavelength tuning range:320 - 950 nm; 217 - 360 nm (frequency-doubled)
Linewidth:0.003 nm
Maximum energy per pulse:50% of pump source; (dye specific)
Maximum average power:50% of pump source; (dye specific)
Beam cross-section:1 mm 2 mm
Maximum repetition rate:500 Hz; (depends on pump source)
Pulse length:2 ns less than pump pulse

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TCSPC System

The time-correlated single photon counting system is comprised of the photon excitation, sample environment control, data acquisition, and data analysis.

Excitation Source, Laser System by Coherent Inc.
The SSSC laser system provides the excitation photons for TCSPC measurements.
Verdi-10 (optical pumping of Ti:Sapph)
Mira 900 Ti:Sapph, 76 MHz, 700 - 1000 nm (optical pumping of harmonic generator); pico and femto-second settings
Pulse Picker (to vary the frequency of the pulses)
Mira 9300 Harmonic Generator: SHG 240 - 330 nm and THG 360 - 500 nm

Sample Chamber
The chamber housing, build by the Physics Department Machine Shop contains the sample holder and a variety of optics for light collection and filtering.

The sample holder if a FLASH 200 from Quantum Northwest:

A variety of optical filters are available:

A filter wheel with interchangeable filters can be used with neutral density filters or it can be used with wavelength selection filters instead of a monochromator.

Two CM112 monochromators (Czerny-Turner design) from CVI Spectral Products are available for wavelength selection.
These are double monochromators in subtractive mode to minimize the time broadening of the pulses and the stray light. Each dual grating turret 1/8 meter monochromator was selected for work in a specific wavelength region. A variety of fixed slits widths are available from 0.125 - 2.4 mm.

Monochromator #1:

Wavelength range:280 - 1000 nm
Grating #1:ruled, 1200 gr/mm, best for UV region
Grating #2:holographic, 1800 gr/mm, best for visible region

Monochromator #2:

Wavelength range:400 - 1600 nm
Grating #1:ruled, 600 gr/mm, best for visible region
Grating #2:ruled, 1200 gr/mm, best for IR region

Light Detection

From Hamamatsu, a multichannel-plate photomultiplier tube R3809U-51
housed in a cooling unit C4878 is used for photon detection with low dark count. The R3809U-50 series has a rise time of 150 ps and a transit time spread of no more than 25 ps. The spectral range of the R3809U-51 is from 160 to 910 nm, with the peak wavelength at 600 nm.

Data Acquisition

A SPC-630 data acquisition module from Becker & Hickl is a PCI board encompassing the various electronics needed for TCSPC studies.

Time resolution of the CFD for
the photon detection channel:
8 ps FWHM / 5 ps RMS
Reverse Start/Stop:repetition rates up to 200 MHz
Count rate:up to 8 MHz
TAC range:50 ns to 2 ms
Minimum time per channel:813 fs
Multiple decay curve mode (wavelength, time or user defined)
Histogram acquisition mode for decay curves
Curves in memory:Up to 128

A 4 channel router is available for multi-detector data acquisition mode.

Data Analysis

Two programs are available for data analysis.

PS2000 data analysis software:
"This program performs a deconvolution of a ps system decay file from a scattered light file using the Marquardt algorithm via an iterative reconvolution procedure." (A. Warsylewicz)

TRFA Global Analysis Software
"Global Analysis Fitting of Emission Decays to Different Mathematical Models Using Least-Squares (LS) and Maximum Likelihood (ML) Estimation in combination with different deconvolution techniques and minimization algorithms." (This software was kindly provided by Prof. Dr. F. C. De Schryver from the "Katholieke Universiteit Leuven")

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