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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Mass Spectrometry
Ultrafast Laser
Vibrational Spectroscopy
Electron Spin Resonance
X-ray Diffraction Analysis
X-ray Fluorescence
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

About the Laboratory

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is a non-desctructive interdisciplinary technique. Typical researchers come from a wide range of disciplines such as chemistry, geology, biochemistry, biology, pharmacy, or engineering. The technique has many useful applications:

  • structural connectivity of atoms within molecules
  • spacial orientation of atoms within molecules
  • solids
  • metabolomics
  • diffusion constants in solution
  • molecular relaxation characteristics
  • kinetic parameters of molecular exchange and interchange

This laboratory has three 500 MHz spectrometers and one 600 MHz spectrometer.

Instruments In Lab

Laboratory Contact


500MHz NMR G89

600MHz NMR G93

Phone Number:

500MHz (306) 966-1710

600MHz (306) 966-1713

Laboratory Managers:

Jianfeng (Peter) Zhu

Keith Brown
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Laboratory Training

Learning to use one of the manually operated NMR spectrometers is analogous to learning to fly a jet fighter! Not what one usually does without having at least learned to fly a small plane. We recommend starting on the autosampler instrument and then graduating to one of the other spectrometers. There is much to learn and it is best done in small bits. Please contact either Dr. Jianfeng Zhu or Dr. Keith Brown to arrange a training session.

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